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Our Hero! Hyper Sword RPG now on Kickstarter

our hero! hyper sword light hearted rpg now on kickstarter for linux windows

Our Hero! Hyper Sword is an epic action adventure RPG on Kickstarter for Linux and Windows. So the game comes with some RPG mechanics starred by fancy and colorful characters. All taking inspiration from such titles as Castle CrashersJak and Daxter & Zelda.

So the crowdfunding campaign is currently 9% funded with 23 days to go on Kickstarter. With a €5,000 pledge goal on May 25, 2018 3:36 PM EDT.

The game also involves seamlessly alternating Hack’n’Slash and platforming sections. So players are free-to-explore environments dotted with secrets to collect. And enemies to fight in frantic real-time battles. Since each is guarded by armored and evasive boss. Which requires timing and tactics to hit in an opening.

The game’s main focus is the Story Mode. Which is playable in singleplayer or in local multiplayer with a friend.

While both players will be able to journey through forests. Exploring fortresses, seas and skies, vast stretches of land and tight dungeons. Carving your way through to the Final boss. With the help of other mighty warriors and a cast of colorful NPC’s. All assisting you in uncovering the land’s treasures and secrets. Since you will be wielding an array of mighty weapons to collect and upgrade.

Our Hero! Hyper Sword Gameplay

Our Hero! Hyper Sword takes place in an open-world settings. So gameplay is divided into Acts. Each Act takes place in a different part of the heroes’ world. Since players will be tested in the Royal Gardens. Retrieve the magical crystal in the Castle Vaults. Or plow through obstacles in the Lost Valley. And contacting the Forest Folk in the Ancient Forest.

Activate an Obelisk to unlock it. So you can travel freely between it and any other Obelisk you’ve found in the world. Each area is chock full of secrets and collectibles.

Tain Micyold from winning battles. Or destroying crates and opening chests. ESP’s will also be invaluable in unlocking new Fury powers, such as temporary Invincibility.

Our Hero! Hyper Sword RPG Game Trailer:


  • Explore a sprawling open world divided into zones: discover the Royal Gardens, the Castle Vaults, the Lost Valley, the Ancient Forest and other enchanted places.
  • Each Hero has his own special abilitiesswitch your Heroes and Cooperate with your Companion to overcome obstacles and proceed through the Acts.
  • A lot of action: run, jump, fight, run on walls, climb, shoot and take control of enemies!
  • Immersive Story starred by nice NPCs and rascally enemies.
  • Local 2 player Co-Operative play.
  • Battle System.
  • More than 30 unique Swords to discover and collect: boost and transform your swords!
  • 10 different zones to explore and overcome: solve puzzlesdiscover secret places and fight epic boss battles!
  • Side quests and funny minigames to play during your adventure.
  • Trophies to unlock in the Trophies Hall and Cards to collect to complete your Gallery.
  • Take part in the Final Battle and save the heroes’ world.

Our Hero! Hyper Sword Demo (Linux, Windows)

Download for free: Linux native version and Windows version.

So yes, check out the Demo, there is a native Linux build. Just make sure to make the binary executable. This is a Unity 3D game, so that should be easy enough.
Also, when choosing between keyboard/mouse and controller. To keep things easily playable. Opt for keyboard and mouse.

Journeying through forests and fortresses, seas and skies, vast stretches of land and tight dungeons, carving your way through Finalboss and his cronies with the help of other mighty warriors and a cast of colorful NPCs assisting you in uncovering the land’s treasures and secrets, and wielding an array of mighty weapons to collect and upgrade.

Cooperate with your Companions

At several points during your adventure players will also need to swap between heroes. Since this is necessary in order to overcome certain obstacles.

While Each hero has his own powers that can come in handy for different situations. Use Ourhero to battle groups of enemies, Fury to climb walls and reach out of place ledges. While Grin is great for sniping enemies from afar with his rifle. Tay to control enemies and open up new paths.

You can also join forces to fight Finalboss’ henchmen defeating the Conyan menace looming over your Kingdom.


Since Our Hero! Hyper Sword RPG is currently on Kickstarter for Linux and Windows. The crowdfunding campaign is also 9% funded with 23 days to go. Due to release in January 2019 on Steam.