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Out of Beta: Annex:CTW Release 3

We are a bit late to the party (partially due to my current German Telekom induced Internet abstinence at home 🙁 ), but last month the first stable release of Annex: Conquer the World was released.


For those out of the loop: Annex is a so called total conversion mod (albeit standalone) of Megaglest. You can read up on its development and the latest news in their forum post on the MG forums.


For Linux 64 bit:

extract annex_release_3_linux_64.tar.xz to your home directory
run: ./annex -or- chmod +x ./annex ./annex.bin

For Linux 32 bit:

extract annex_release_3_linux_32.tar.xz to your home directory
run: ./annex -or- chmod +x ./annex ./annex.bin



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