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Out of Line developers want to see interest

out of line developers want to see interest for the puzzle platformer in linux gaming with windows pc

Out of Line developers want to see interest for the puzzle platformer in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Nerd Monkeys. Due to release later this year on Steam.

Developer Nerd Monkeys announced the award-winning hand-drawn puzzle platformer Out of Line. Which is due to launch on Windows PC via Steam this summer. Out of Line depicts the adventures of San, a young boy trapped in a factory controlled by an ominous and strange entity. As San collects memories and solves puzzles to unearth fragments of his identity. He is also working to discover the true meaning of freedom.

While developer Nerd Monkeys are eager to announce Out of Line, we also reached out about support in Linux gaming. And as it turns out, they are not saying “no” or opting for Proton:

About the game being available on Linux, that’s something we haven’t done at this point of production. I’ve communicated that potential interest to the team. So if more people show interest in having the game available for Linux, they’ll certainly look into it.

While this shows positive news, the developer is also asking for community feedback. The game itself is using Unity 3D for development, which makes porting straight forward. But, this is a unique title, and there is a lot hand-drawn work. So the developers want to make their efforts worth while. So it is time once again to show that Tux Love or +1 via a Discussions post. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, check out the trailer below.

Out of Line Reveal Trailer

Out of Line is being designed with a stylized approach. The mechanics of the game revolve around San’s spear. Something the character sees as a tool that will help him navigate this strange world,” explains Francisco Santos, Lead Artist at Nerd Monkeys. “We want players to learn through experimentation. Constantly tinkering with puzzles until they find a logical solution. This design philosophy plays a thematic role in our game. As most individuals find their purpose through trial and error.”

“We are thrilled to be the publisher Out of Line later this year. As we are keen to bring to fans of puzzle, platformers and action games a unique experience. Full immersion thanks to the story and the beautiful poetic world of Out of Line” adds Philippe Dao, CEO & Co-founder of Hatinh Interactive.

Out of Line’s story taking place within a beautiful hand painted artistic landscape. Which also points to relevant topics such as oppression, isolation, courage, optimism, and hope. Players can expect to mull over philosophical depictions in between puzzle segments. Especially as they relate to human existentialism in the age of technology. Though the world may seem mysterious at first glance. Players will steadily find themselves relating to San and his experiences as each chapter unfolds.

Out of Line puzzle platformer launches for Windows PC via Steam this summer. With enough support, there is a good chance we’ll also see support in Linux gaming.

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