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Out of Space a new online multiplayer strategy

out of space a new online multiplayer strategy in linux mac windows games

Out of Space is a new online multiplayer strategy coming to Linux, Mac and Windows games. All thanks to Behold Studios. The stellar crew behind Chroma Squad and Knights of Pen and Paper. We have a new adventure coming to Steam this year.

Out of Space is a cooperative multiplayer sim. While players must work together with their roommates. Since they have to maintain a dream home. You know, the one in space.
So who will take out the trash? Do the dishes? Clean up that weird alien goo?
Since living with others is never easy. When you’re just trying to keep up a cozy home while not dying.

Since Out of Space is a couch strategy and online multiplayer game. You are moving into a new home with your friends. But things are a lot different in space.
So you have to clean up. Also furnish the rooms and work out cleaning systems. All while trying to get rid of pesty alien critters. Since they are ruining your plans for a dream home.

“Almost everyone has experienced the frustration. Figuring out who’s responsible for all those boring household tasks,” said Saulo Camarotti of Behold Studios. “But imagine if you lived in space. How much more challenging it would be? Even to take the dog for a walk.”

Out of Space dev log and plans (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Features include:

  • Clean and furnish a new house in space.
  • Play it solo, local or online co-op.
  • Build systems to survive the hassles of day-to-day life.
  • Avoid the alien dirt and save those who turned into cocoons.
  • Decorate rooms and make them comfy enough to call it home.

So Out of Space supports up to 4 players. Either locally or online. The game is also expecting to launch this fall. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. As well as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch. While supporting English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian. And also French, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

To stay up to date on all the Out of Space. Make sure to check out the weekly streams on Twitch. And join the Discord channel.

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