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Outbreak: Endless Nightmares gets a native build

outbreak: endless mightmares survival horror gets a native build via linux gaming with windows pc

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares survival horror gets a native build via Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts and support of developer Dead Drop Studios. Which is now available on Steam.

The next game in the Outbreak series – Outbreak: Endless Nightmares is finally here. And once again, we now have support in Linux gaming with Windows PC. All thanks to the efforts of Dead Drop Studios (a.k.a., solo developer Evan Wolbach).

Survival horror fans are in for something better. Roguelike gameplay has now been added to the core Outbreak loop, with startling outcomes. Since this greatly boosts your ability to replay the game. All thanks to more trying, semi-procedurally generated “anomalies.” As you’d expect, each anomaly is filled with powerful weapons, story bits, and deadly puzzles. These also include and blood starved fiends, of course!

In a first for the series, Outbreak: Endless Nightmares offers mo-cap animations. This also means improved real-time lighting and shadows (including multi-layered VFX for gore and explosions). Plus high-res textures that look their best on 4K screens.

Year One DLC + Outbreak Complete Collection
It’s obvious that Outbreak: Endless Nightmares has a massive jump in quality. Leveling up gameplay and content for Outbreak fans. Dead Drop Studios is also proud to announce that the game will include free post launch DLC. More on this in the next few months…

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares Trailer

Death is Not the End
At the beginning of Outbreak: Endless Nightmares, you find yourself trapped. Since you are stuck in what remains of the Arzt Memorial Hospital. This becomes a central hub – a safe zone. So you can organize your inventory and storage cache. You can also level up your character(s). Or if you want, just to take a breather before jumping into the world again.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares delivers extreme replayability. Since gameplay offers multiple character options. Each with their own abilities, upgrade paths, and more. Explore, scavenge for supplies, uncover clues, and fight. All while you work your way through the anomalies. Each coming with semi-procedurally generated instances. Since both the setting and the undead are out to get you.

In true roguelike fashion, Outbreak: Endless Nightmares also gets more difficult. This is true, each time you enter an anomaly. So you’ll need to think carefully about weapons, healing items, and other supplies. Plan what you’ll need along for the journey. If you’re lucky, you may find storage caches. These caches give you access to your expanded inventory. All while offering a chance to restock. But it’s up to you to scour the settings for supplies.

There’s more to discover in the world other than murderous zombie hordes. Find the journals spread in the area to learn more about the original outbreak. This will also help you find refuge in Outbreak: Endless Nightmares! But don’t think death can save you. Every time you die, you’ll awake trapped in the hub. This is a nexus between Life and Death.


  • Something old, something new: Experience the Outbreak series’ signature classic survival action. Along with the perfect mix of roguelike gameplay.
  • Ever-expanding world: Explore a massive, semi-procedurally generated world. This expands as Outbreak: Endless Nightmares progresses. Talk to NPCs, visit shops, etc.
  • Three camera angles: Choose a view that works for you – fixed camera, over the shoulder – or first-person.
  • Tactical camera/photo mode: Take beautiful pictures with the tactical camera. Or use photo mode to scan for anything dangerous nearby!
  • Death isn’t the end: Death returns you to the Hub with most of your inventory intact. Along with experience and money.
  • Semi-procedurally generated dungeons: Revisit anomaly dungeons multiple times to find different traps. As well as enemies, puzzles, challenges – and loot!
  • Co-op gameplay: Fight the nightmare with a friend in two-player split screen co-op.
  • Character options: Choose from 6 unique characters – each with their own backstory, stats, and ability loadouts.
  • Crafting: Dismantle, repair, and upgrade weapons. Build ammo through gunpowder Outbreak: Endless Nightmares lets you combine healing items to create new formulas and more!
  • Multiple game modes: Choose from 5 gameplay modes. These are Standard, Ironman, Randomizer, Lost Hope, and Easy Mode.
  • Uncover the story: Search through notes and logs to read more from Lydia’s journal. So you can piece together the past and future of the outbreak.
  • Late game content: Face a randomly generated dungeon of extreme danger near the end of the game. Then try multiple New Game Plus modes after completing the story.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares survival horror is now available on Steam. Priced at $14.99 USD. While the Outbreak Complete Collection BUNDLE is discounted 54%, priced at $41.33 USD. Now with support in Linux gaming with Windows PC.

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