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Outbreak: Shades of Horror seeks funding

outbreak: shades of horror co-op survival horror game seeks kickstarter funding for linux and windows pc

Outbreak: Shades of Horror co-op survival horror game seeks Kickstarter funding for Linux and Windows PC. All due to the work and excitement of developer Dead Drop Studios. The crowdfunding campaign is now live.

Dead Drop Studios is eager to announce the official launch of their Kickstarter. Having received a rather eager Discord message. Outbreak: Shades of Horror is the next entry in their long running Outbreak series. The new title is also a major step forward for the franchise. Since the Kickstarter campaign will provide the team with the means to work with talented people. Such as artists, animators, designers, and more. Due to sharing a passion for classic survival horror.

Dead Drop Studios has released seven Outbreak games since 2017, as a two-person team. All while working on shoestring budgets but always delivering highly ambitious games. Including support for Linux and Windows for their passionate fanbase. The duo has come to Kickstarter to create the next game in their series. Due to celebrating what fans love about the franchise. While investing in providing huge upgrades and quality of life upgrades for the games.

The Outbreak: Shades of Horror initial funding goal is $62,500 USD (approx. £52,000 / €60,500). With stretch goals that the developers aim to reveal with each new milestone that is reached. At the same time, teasing expansion packs, Board Games, CGI Movies, and even dinosaurs. Dead Drop discusses their vision for the project in detail via the Kickstarter trailer.

Outbreak: Shades of Horror Trailer

Outbreak: Shades of Horror will focus on online co-op. This is so that multiple players can jump into a series of fresh new stories. At the same time, stepping away from the typical horror trope of highly trained operatives. Those that can single handedly tear through hordes of the undead. Instead, the game focuses on regular civilians working together to escape. Players must use co-op and the unique abilities of each character. Due to maximizing their chances of survival and escape. If a player succumbs to the infection, they’ll return as another member of the undead. With their former friend now working against them in Outbreak: Shades of Horror. So the remaining human players will have to decide what to do. Either, do the humane thing and put them down. Or abandon them to join the throngs of undead flooding the city.

Potential players can get a taste of what’s to come in the tense playable Demo on Steam. With support for both Linux and Windows PC.

This also includes Google Stadia. For the first time, anyone with the link to the demo can play for 60 minutes on Stadia, even if they don’t have an account. Players with a Stadia account will have unlimited access.

Outbreak: Shades of Horror co-op survival horror game seeks funding in the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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