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Outbreak: Shades of Horror seeks support

outbreak: shades of horror co-op survival horror game support for linux and windows pc with a demo

Outbreak: Shades of Horror co-op survival horror game seeks support for Linux and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks the creative team behind Dead Drop Studios. Working to makes its way into a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign his month. But first, follow the link and slam the notify button.

Dead Drop Studios are eager to reveal a brand new entry into their long-running Outbreak series. The new title, Outbreak: Shades of Horror, will bring full co-op gameplay and a huge audiovisual overhaul. Upgrading the retro survival horror aesthetic has made the series a cult favorite. As showcased in the game’s very first trailer.

What’s more, Linux players can get a taste of the overhauled Outbreak experience right away. Since this is a fully playable teaser demo available now via Steam and Google Stadia. Outbreak: Shades of Horror is also the first-ever demo that can be played on Stadia with no sign-in or sign-up required. Just a simple click of the link will allow players to try the teaser. Players with a Stadia account will have unlimited access to the demo. The same as the Steam demo.

Outbreak: Shades of Horror is a love letter to the thought provoking, mind-bending video games. Since this is a reflection to the golden age of survival horror in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Towards the end of this era, there was an emphasis on stories driven by multiple characters with multiplayer co-op. So it;s in this spirit that Dead Drop Studios aim to capture in their new title.

Outbreak: Shades of Horror Reveal Trailer

Inspired by the likes of Resident Evil: Outbreak, Shades of Horror will see players control one of eight survivors as they fight to escape the city of Cypress Ridge during the early days of the zombie apocalypse. Fans of the earlier Outbreak games will be excited to see two favorites, Lydia and Hank, as their origins are revealed.

Each Outbreak: Shades of Horror survivor will have a unique backstory and skillset. Due to provide players with new ways to explore their setting. Players will need to complete the game multiple times. Since they will have to piece together journal entries, recordings, and radio station broadcasts. Which are all scattered throughout the city. This way you will gain a full understanding of the multifaceted story. The goal is not to save the day — just to get out in one piece!

Kickstarter plans:

Dead Drop Studios — a.k.a. Evan and Julia Wolbach — have ambitions beyond those of their previous fan favourite games. Since the pair will be heading to Kickstarter later this month for Outbreak: Shades of Horror. Due to ask players for $62,5000 USD (approx. £52,000). Due to transform the world of Cypress Ridge with next-gen production values. And also bring the horror to life.

With the funds, Dead Drop Studios plan to expand the team. Due to join forces with additional artists, animators, sound designers, and composers. To create a Outbreak: Shades of Horror survival horror experience never seen before in the Outbreak series.

Outbreak: Shades of Horror co-op survival horror game will hit Kickstarter in a crowdfunding campaign. Which is due to launch on August 31st @ 10AM PDT. So be sure to slam the notify button. And play the Free Demo for Linux and Windows PC on Steam.