Outlast 2 gameplay looks intense and designed to scare

Back in January we caught the Outlast 2 teaser image, but with a #release slated for this #fall on Windows PC, the Linux and Mac build will follow in 2017. And this new footage is the #firstperson scare-’em-up to make the first game look like a fairy tail.

Rather than taking place in the Mount Massive Asylum like the first game, the follow up is a more diverse range of places that will scare the fluids out of you. Horror games typically work better in confined spaces, but this new type of game play has intrigued us. The cornfield chase, ducking and sneaking through crops and hiding in a water tank while a bunch of messed up dudes search for you with flashlights.

Red Barrels already have some serious history with crafting a memorable horror game. Hopefully we will get to see more come E3 in June.


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