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Outpost Zero announcement and native release

outpost zero announcement and linux mac windows release in gaming

Outpost Zero is a first person release from symmetric games studio tinyBuild. While gaming looks promising the studio has not released platform support. So we reached out to tinyBuild directly.

Linux support?

“We’ll make an announcement about any additional platforms :)”

Since a Windows release is a probable expectation. This reply leads us to believe that Linux support will likely be in the mix. Seeing tinyBuild are not one to typically lead us astray.

So more about Outpost Zero, the games’ officially coined a sci-fi first person shooter with base building. This also means resource management and elements of survival. Where players take on the role of AI Overseer. Sent from Earth entrusted with the future of humankind.

Also tasked with establishing a habitat that can sustain human life. Hence that of a mysterious alien world.​
Sounds like Surviving Mars, right?
Personally, the style of gameplay and even the aesthetics reminds me of Planet Nomads.

So Imagine playing Starcraft as a multiplayer Survival FPS. You land on a new planet, gather resources, build a base. Then move onto building an army of AI bots to help you in your quest. So then you take this army to your neighbor’s base, and start a war. This is Outpost Zero. Hence the new multiplayer survival FPS from Symmetric Games.

Outpost Zero Announcement Trailer (Windows and hopefully Linux)

Outpost Zero Features:

    At its core, Outpost Zero is also a deep sandbox FPS. Fight against a variety of native alien creatures. While defending your base against roving bands of pirates and enemy raiders. Attack enemy strongholds to destroy their operations. And loot their resources. The game will feature scaling combat with upgradeable weapons and armor. Also group combat with AI squad mates to lead into battle against enemy bases.
    This hostile planet can become a thriving colony. With a fully functioning society of AI robots, under your direction. Harvest resources and build a stable economy. While you setup mining outposts and supply chains to your automated factories. Then create components essential for the operation of your outpost. Create a base for safe refuge and infrastructure. Keeping your AI outfitted, healthy, and happy. Make homes for your colonists and provide them with entertainment. While building solid defenses to keep out invaders.
    Outfit your AI buddies and train them to defend your outpost. Upgrade them with improved weapons and armor, train them to be better at combat, crafting, and resource harvesting, and give them jobs to keep them busy and keep your outpost running at peak efficiency. Build them luxurious quarters and raise their morale by entertaining them and satisfying their needs. Lead them into battle, and set them up to defend your base from invaders. Build a society of happy, efficient, and powerful robot citizens

Alpha gaming release:

Also, check out the Official website for more announcement information and sign-up for the alpha release. Since we do not have formal Linux confirmation yet. tinyBuild are not one to let us down when it comes to Linux gaming.

Would you play the Linux release? What are your expections for the gameplay?

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