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Ouya Ships Consoles To Devs: Will The $99 Open-Source Gaming Console Change The Industry Forever?


One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time has been criticized for the fact that it may never deliver what it promises, but the bright minds behind the project are hitting each of the deadlines they originally promised — an incredible feat especially when considering the undertaking.

Ouya, an open-source $99 video game console that runs on Android, raised $8.6 million when it was first announced in early July. Now, more than six months after the idea was first announced, Ouya is shipping 1,200 consoles to developers that can begin creating games for the system using the Ouya SDK.

The console is the creation of a team of accomplished video game industry professionals lead by Julie Uhrman, a video game industry veteran who wanted to break down the barriers of entry when it came to console development. “As we said previously, these kits are very special. They’re a one-off design — ‘rare drops’ for the most discerning and faithful developers whom we’re looking forward to meeting in the coming months,” Uhrmann wrote in a short blog post on the company’s website.

“They’re a work in progress, so we want your feedback. (Yes, we know the D-pad and triggers on the controller still need work — the final version will be different.),” she adds.

Unlike most other big-name consoles on the market — such as the Wii U, Xbox 360 or PS3 — the Ouya is a tiny cube that fits in the palm of your hand. The console case was specifically designed for tinkerers and hardware-hacking hobbyists to modify. “The technology isn’t rocket science, it’s standard stuff combined in a new way and wrapped in a beautiful package. It’s been incredibly embraced by gamers and developers. We get hundreds of emails from developers wanting to develop for the platform; the idea of openness of Ouya has resonated,”said Uhrman in an interview with GigaOm.

Ouya posted an unboxing video on its blog. As the team introduces the system by first revealing the controllers, which are transparent in the OUYA Dev Kit to represent the open nature of the console. The system, which is roughly the size of a coffee mug, is also transparent. The creators emphasize that the development kit is not the final build of the system, and furthermore, that gaes can’t be played on the system yet — only developed.

“Shipping development consoles today also means that OUYA has indeed kept itsinitial hardware ship date promise – a rarity among any Kickstarter projects, and impressive given the popularity of this one in particular and the amount of scrutiny it received,” reports Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch.

Consumers can still purchase the Ouya gaming console on the company’s website, even though the Kickstarter project has ended. Ouya anticipated that the release of the system will be March 2013.

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