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Over $200 million in Kickstarter funding over 2013 just for Games

More than $919 million in #crowdfunding was pledged to Kickstarter projects in 2013, and $200.42 million went to game #development projects.

Games was the largest category again in 2013, followed by Film & Video, Design, and Technology.

7,922 game projects were successfully funded, however, only 35.08 percent of all game projects meet their backing targets.

29 game projects received more than $1 million in funding, compared to the most common threshold, $1,000 – $1,999, achieved by 1,028 game projects.

4,933 game projects failed to achieve the backing targets, and most failed to achieve 1 – 20 percent of their backing targets.

Kickstarter launched in New Zealand this year. Previously, only creators based in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada could post proposals and vie for funds on the site.

Scraps, a Kiwi Kickstarter project that allows players to construct a weaponised vehicle and then pit their design against those of other players, is the first local game project to be successfully funded on the platform.

At the time of writing, $28,517 has been pledged, a total that surpasses the project’s target of $23,000. There are 12 hours left to back the project.

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