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Over 9,000 Zombies gets a Map Editor

Over 9,000 Zombies new map editor to the zombie massacre

Sick of chopping wood in #zombie sims when you should be blasting heads with your 12 gauge? Over 9,000 Zombies! mixes #towerdefense and top-down shooting into an unrelenting zombie massacre that just got even better with the release of the Map Editor on Steam Early Access.

Map Editor for Over 9,000 Zombies! Lets You Create the #Survival Scenario

Board up the windows and barricade the doors, because the undead are coming in full force. The odds of survival are slim, but with the new map editor for Over 9,000 Zombies!, currently on Steam Early Access for 50% off, you might have a fighting chance to see another dawn.

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us, the moon is high and the dead are out in force to pay homage to their previous haunts. But beware who comes calling at your door, as it could prove fateful. In preparation the Zombie Hit Squad have developed a new Map Editor which allows civilians to create their own custom map and design fortified surroundings to keep those malevolent hordes at bay, adding a whole new dynamic to your zombie-slaying missions.

Tons of AI undead enemies powered by Zombie Swarm Intelligence are launching themselves in frenzied attacks across the global sphere and the public are warned to strengthen their tactics as the fight for survival is heating up. Have more power over your zombie contingency plan with the Map Editor and plan out your battleground before dusk falls. When you’ve perfected your handcrafted map, share your creations with the wider community through the Steam Workshop and use your skills to help weaker civilians in their survival missions. Call for reinforcements with cooperative multiplayer that allows friends to join your murderous top-down shooter missions against the multitudes of zombies.

Loren Lemcke, Head Sniper, cautioned: “Raw firepower is no longer sufficient to defeat the zombie horde. As the zombies mutate and change, so do the requirements of survival. A true survivor must be crafty and capable of manipulating their environment to ensure they do not join the crowd of the undead.”

Stuart Morton, Producer, Mastertronic squadron, commented: “The ability for players to create and share custom maps has been a feature we have wanted for Over 9,000 Zombies! since we first saw the game. It’s fantastic to finally see this feature in action and we can’t wait to see what people create!”

Over 9,000 Zombies! with the new Map Editor is available now on Steam for 50% off for Windows PC.


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