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Overgrowth parkour action gets a full release

overgrowth gets a full release linux mac windows games 2017

Overgrowth is an absurdly-ambitious 3D action game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also featuring a surreal mix of cute talking animals with bone-crunching bloody kung fu violence. The rabbit protagonist carries effortlessly. Also being able to run along walls and leap fifty feet in a single bound. Since it’s full release is available on both Steam and Humble Store, also gifting you Receiver.

As a lightning-fast acrobatic ninja rabbit. You also choose how to approach each encounter. Do you want to pick off enemies one at a time like the killer in a slasher film? Dive into the thick of it and fight whole groups in a frontal assault? Steal the most powerful weapon you can find, and turn it on the rest?

The games been in development for the better part of a decade. I remember news updates back in 2008 for Overgrowth. Therefore a lot of work and chances go into the full release. Even better, this is a day-one release for Linux. As well as Mac and Windows of course. Which is also a 30 GB download, just so you know.

Overgrowth 1.0 – Wolfire Games Trailer:

A Few Noteworthy Facts:

  • Extra Free Game: Buying Overgrowth also gets you a free copy of Wolfire Games’ realistic first-person, gun-handling simulator, Receiver.
    The Story Is In: Overgrowth‘s last Beta is now available. Since this finally includes the full Overgrowth story campaign.
  • Graphics Tech: Overgrowth uses its own proprietary rendering engine that includes features absent from even AAA game engines: such as dripping blood physics, refractive rain drops, swirling volumetric fog layers, true MSAA anti-aliasing, perfectly smooth slow-motion interpolation, and simulated flame streaks.
  • Physics Tech: The Overgrowth engine has a strong focus on detailed physics simulation. Which runs at 120 updates per second. Using constraints to also replicate characters’ muscle movements. As well as other special effects (like being impaled by weapons or spikes).

Overgrowth Mods:

  • MANY AWESOME MODS: All of the levels in the game are the result of using the built-in level editor. Which is included for everyone to try. This, combined with Steam Workshop integration. So this means there is a wealth of fan-made content to enjoy. Here is a video summarizing some of them:
  • For example: Therium 2 (full story campaign mod) is a fully polished fan-made story that takes several hours to complete.

If you die, there is never any load time; you can try again instantly! As your skills improve, you’ll see that the game is not about winning. It’s about experimenting to make the coolest action scenes that you can. Every design decision keeps this in mind. From the mouselook camera to the context-sensitive combat controls.

After completing the story modes. Try out all the mods that players use to create with integrated editor. If you want to play as a human character in a city. Maybe try a whole new campaign. Or even fly around as a bat, there’s probably already a mod that makes that happen.

Overgrowth the full release is available on Steam and Humble Store. The games discounted 30% until October 23rd with support for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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