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Owlboy launches the release of a native port with a nice discount

Owlboy launches a release for Linux and Mac port with a nice games discount

So one of the #best #platformer #games, just got it’s Linux and Mac port, finally. While this release was a possibility for sure, D-Pad Studio are pleased to announce the native release. So we now have another epic Linux game in the roster.

About the Linux platformer release:

Together with FNA creator Ethan Lee, we’ve produced a version of Owlboy that runs on Mac and Linux. It should be functionally identical to the Windows version, and once you have bought the game, it’ll be available on all platforms.

We’ll be continuing to update and optimize this port as best we can going forward, like we’ve been doing with the Windows version.

I have to admit, I like the fact that D-Pad are issuing a sale for the ports release. While also making it clear that Owlboy will continue to receive updates “going forward”.

So players explore a vibrantly crafted pixel world in this flying adventure platformer.
While being being a mute, Otus struggles living up to the expectations of owl-hood. Things spiral from bad to worse with the sudden appearance of sky pirates.

Hence what follows, a journey through monster infested ruins. With the games unexpected encounters and burdens no-one should have to bear, so players will be challenged.

Owlboy Features:

  • A love letter to pixel art for a new audience, Owlboy is an open-world exploration game with a unique mix of flight and platforming.
  • Carry anything. Recruit Otus’s friends as gunners to fight for you, each with unique abilities and stories.
  • Large dungeons with big and challenging boss battles.
  • An adventure 9 years in the making.

So Owlboy is one of those epic games that should be played. Now available with a 33% discount until January 29th on Steam and Humble Store.

What is your experience with Owlboy on Linux?

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