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OXENFREE available with huge discount

oxenfree supernatural thriller game available with huge discount for linux mac and windows pc

OXENFREE supernatural thriller game available with huge discount for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All of this action is thanks to the hard work and creativity of the team at Night School Studio. The discount is available on Steam, at regular price on GOG and Humble Store.

You’re about to set off on an epic adventure full of mysteries and supernatural thriller. That’s the magic from the base game and its soon to be released sequel, OXENFREE II: Lost Signals.

So, in OXENFREE you’re in the shoes of Alex, a teenager who bring new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on Edwards Island. This also happens to be an abandoned military island ends up. Which also evolve into a ghostly situation with her friends. This is like a choose your own adventure book, where you get to decide what happens to Alex and her friends.

And here’s some news: you can grab original title for a massive discount right now! We’re talking 80% off on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, it’s even available for you to enjoy as part of your existing plan.

In case you’re wondering, what’s up with OXENFREE II: Lost Signals? This time around, you’ll be following the story of Riley Poverly, a researcher who stumbles upon weird radio signals. She uncovers a ton of ghostly stories linked to Edwards Island, where the first adventure took place. Just like the original, you’ll be making choices that shape the story in totally unexpected ways.

Looping Back To OXENFREE

The people behind the game have been sharing a bunch of videos that take a deep dive into the twisted timeline of the original adventure and give you a taste of what’s coming in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals. They’re inspiring to watch.

Unfortunately, there’s no news yet on whether OXENFREE II: Lost Signals will work on Linux. But don’t sweat it; as soon as we know more, we’ll let you know.

The wait for the sequel won’t be long. Mark your calendar for July 12th! It’ll be launching on Mac and Windows PC.

So, gear up to jump into an adventure full of mystery, supernatural thriller, and fascinating stories. Due to grip you from start to finish! And remember, your choices matter, so choose wisely. Available with an 80% discount on Steam (priced at $1.99 USD / £1.43 / 1,63€), regular price on GOG and Humble Store.

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