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Oxygen Not Included, discount and Linux

oxygen not included with discount and linux coming in games after windows

Since the Early Access release of Oxygen Not Included is available on Steam for Windows. Hence a Linux build will come later, as with all Klei Entertainment #games. Therefore players who own an existing Klei game on #Steam, receive a 20% loyalty #discount. Which is a fine gesture from Klei. However if you bought the Oxygen Not Included Alpha. Then no need to buy it at all. You already own it.

So Klei released the Agricultural update. Hence focusing on the new farming systems. While making them more complex and rewarding. These changes should require players to be more attentive to their crops. Then expending more resources in order to raise them. While ultimately allowing you to reap the most benefit from their harvests.

Since Klei updating and expanding. Oxygen Not Included has tons of new buildings, resources, overlays and systems. Thanks largely due to the community feedback and games getting even bigger. So the developers plan is to fully support Mac in the near future. While continuing development well into 2018.

Linux release?

“We’re not sure when a Linux port will be ready. But we are currently planning on it, much like our past titles.”

So as of this moment, I have not been able to install Oxygen Not Included via Wine. While not without trying. But it’s likely that being a Klei title, the game will work. So if you get a chance to try it and it works, by all means drop a comment below. We are eager to get your feedback.

Farming Features

  • New Items, Buildings and Recipes: Discover new plants, buildings and yummy cooking recipes. Farm food and flavour-enhancing spices, then cook them into culinary delights for your Duplicants to enjoy.
  • Improved Crop Tending: Build pipe systems and irrigate your crops using new farm plots. Monitor pressure, temperature, fertilization and irrigation to keep your crops happy and healthy.
  • New Farming Systems: The Harvest Rating Point system now allows you to increase the yield of your harvest by meeting ideal growing conditions for crops. Reach 100 Harvest Rating and your plants will yield tons of extra kcal and new seeds for farm expansion.
  • Consumables Screen: Control your colony’s eating habits with the new Consumables Screen. Dupes now have Food Quality Expectations, so try to feed them foods they like!

The Early Access of Oxygen Not Included is now available on Steam for Windows at $24.99 USD. Players who own an existing Klei game on Steam will receive a 20% loyalty discount when buying the game. Also, if you bought the Oxygen Not Included Alpha, you already own it.

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