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Oxygen Not Included has a full release date

oxygen not included has a full release date for linux mac window pc

Oxygen Not Included now has a full release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Klei Entertainment.
So now, after more than 2 years in Early Access the game is due to launch.

The official news. This all takes place next week, July 30th. Oxygen Not Included will leave Early Access for a full release. Along with a few things added to the launch.

    • New asteroids to explore, with their own rolled traits
    • Three new biomes complete with plants and critters
    • New buildings to process and upgrade the materials you find
  • Colony goals for the duplicants to strive for
  • Balance and polish passes on food, temperature, Duplicant selection, and more

Klei Entertainment also state that the main features are complete. So that the general public can now appreciate the full game. But the studio will continue to be work on Oxygen Not Included post launch.
Therefore even after the July 30th release. Klei will still offer more bug fixes and balance changes. Plus they also have additional content for the game. With more announcements coming in the future.

Oxygen Not Included Early Access Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

If you do not know Oxygen Not Included yet. This is a space colony simulator game. Where players oversee different scarcities in resources. So expect the usual things, such oxygen, warmth and food. All continuous threats to the colony’s survival.
Since you must guide colonists through these perils. You must also also make sure they survive within their asteroid. So as the population grows can do more than just survive. With your careful support, they will be doing far better.

Everything in your space colony is under your control. This ranges from digging and resource allocation. All the way down to settlements plumbing and power systems. Resources will begin to deplete in Oxygen Not Included right away. So make sure to dig fast if you want to live.

You will also have to maintain the psychological impact of survival. Including fun leisure activities. Better living situations and even better food for your colony. Duplicants each react in destructive ways to counter stress. So you always have to work on keeping them happy.

Oxygen Not Included is currently available on Early Access. Also priced at $24.99 USD. And since we can expect the full release date coming on July 30th. This means continuing support available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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