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Oxygen Not Included games now Occupational

oxygen not included games new cccupational upgrade for linux mac windows

Oxygen Not Included goes Occupational for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games new Occupational Upgrade is now live on Steam. So here is the breakdown:

Oxygen Not Included Duplicant Jobs

With the new job progression system. Duplicants will now be able to wear many hats – quite literally! Since Duplicants can be have new jobs in the reworked Jobs Panel. Specializing them for chosen tasks within the colony. And giving them new perks to boot. Be aware though, Duplicants who work harder may expect nicer amenities. So keep them happy. Which can also mean a heaping helping of stress if you don’t plan ahead. Check out the animated short to give you a better idea.

Oxygen Not Included  Occupational Upgrade (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Key Features

  • New Jobs Board: Build a Jobs Board from the Stations Tab to unlock the new Job assignments tree!
  • Revamped Jobs Panel: In addition to the existing function of toggling work errands, the Jobs Panel now contains the Jobs tree, allowing you to assign Duplicants to positions like Miner, Architect, or Engineer, and promote them as they rise through the ranks.
  • New Job Perks: All jobs come with attribute boosts related to their field, but some jobs will also come with work-specific perks that compound as Dupes advance. This means that advancing through the ranks can unlock special skills, like the ability to used advanced machinery or dig through Granite and Abyssalite.
  • Duplicant Job Interests: Everyone in the universe has something they enjoy doing! Assign a Duplicant to a job they’re keen too. Their enthusiasm for the work will help them learn to master it, faster.
  • Hats: Yes, hats. That go on your Duplicants’ tiny little heads. These accessories will used to denote which job your Duplicant has been assigned to, and gosh are the Dupes ever excited to wear them.
  • New Stations and Rooms:
    • Farm Station: Enclosing a room and adding a Farm Station will now create a Greenhouse. Duplicants assigned to farming jobs will be able to produce special fertilizer in these rooms and distribute it to nearby crops for a growth boost.
    • Power Control Station: Enclosing a room and adding a Power Control Station will now create a Power Plant. Engineering Duplicants will be able to create upgrade materials in these rooms, allowing them to tinker with nearby generators to increase their power output.
    • Recreation Room: Creating a Recreation Room with a fun building and some decoration will give your Duplicants a place they can hang out and de-stress.

Expanded Automation for Oxygen Not Included

Building on existing Automation systems within the game. So new buildings and overlays to give you more control over daily colony operations. Also the breadth of automatable tasks within your games base. With the all new Conveyor System, you can also deliver ore and solid objects. Since they are needed around your colony. Put items away in storage, and sweep up floor debris. All without your Duplicants lifting a finger.

Key Features

  • Conveyor Rails, Loader and Receptacle: Found in the Shipping tab of the Build Menu. These new buildings can be part of quickly and automatically transporting your materials. While you work to construction sites and storage areas. No Duplicant effort required!
  • Auto-Sweeper: This handy automatic machine will suck up and redistribute all the ore and debris in range and shoot it back out into the buildings and storage containers that need it. What a time-saver!
  • New Conveyor Overlay: View your web of conveyor systems and see where materials are coming into your base in real time.
  • Smart Battery and Storage Locker: New Smart Batteries and Lockers can be hooked up to Automation grids and will become Active when they fill up to the amount you specify. That’s smart!
  • Smart Fridge: So Existing Fridges have been reworked. Since this now adds Automation inputs. And allowing them to become Active when filled above the specified amount. They also probably know if Dupes sneak in for a midnight snack, and silently judge.
  • Disease Logic Sensor: This Automation sensor will allow you to detect concentrations of Germs and turn systems on or off based on levels of contamination. Automatically lock off a biohazardous area when disease is running rampant, or unleash a flood of Chlorine to flush out a contaminated space.

And More

  • Steam Turbine: Get steamed up for this generator, because it can produce loads of energy with practically no waste!
    • Food and Plant Rebalances: Plants have been tweaked for a more rewarding overall farming experience.
    • Certain plants have received an increase to their calorie output, and have had the ranges of their ideal growth conditions broadened for ease of growth
    • Meal Lice now require fertilization with Dirt
    • Higher tier food production should now be more viable
  • Performance Enhancements!
  • Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and m

Steam games release (Linux, Mac, Windows):

Oxygen Not Included is available on Steam Early Access. The games available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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