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Oxygen Not Included launch and Quality of Life

oxygen not included launch and quality of life in linux mac windows pc games

Oxygen Not Included has a launch date and new Quality of Life update for Linux, Mac, Windows PC games. Thanks to Klei Entertainment. The critically acclaimed independent studio. Who are also announcing the games full release. While bringing this resource management sim to a final build. As the Quality of Life update releases on Steam.

Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Entertainment said: “After two years. We are happy to announce that Oxygen Not Included is coming out of Early Access on May 28th. Throughout Early Access. We’ve added a ton of content. Polish, improvements, optimizations and features. All to realise our vision of the game.
Features such as simulating disease. Implementing a skill system. Adding creature taming and logic gates. Automation, duplicant scheduling and recreational facilities. As well as a menagerie of new creatures. Biomes, official mod support, space travel, and more. Have all been added to complete the experience.

Oxygen Not Included [Animated Short] Launch (Linux, Mac, Windows)

“We have sold almost two million copies so far. And we’ve been amazed at how the community has taken the game. And run with it. Including AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” built with logic gates. A 100-Duplicant challenge colony. And an astonishing retrospective of a 2000-cycle colony. It is all so much more than we could have hoped for. We’re so grateful for our community’s continued feedback. And support.”

With the final Oxygen Not Included Early Access update. Klei is also introducing a host of new features. Including three new biomes and new buildings. As well as new creatures. And asteroid generation settings. So each play through can feel fresh and challenging.

Major Building Changes

    • Steam Turbine total rebuild. So it now condenses steam internally. And also port and power behavior is much more consistent
    • A new Sporechid flower appears in the Oil biome. Which also releases harmful germs
    • The new Skill Scrubber building to reset skill points
    • A brand new Ice Maker. To create ice from water in Oxygen Not Included
    • Cooling Fan replaced with Ice-E Fan. Hence the Dupe powered method of cooling an area
    • Plus a new Conveyor Shutoff Valve
    • New Conveyor Chute
    • And a new Automatic Dispenser
    • Even a new Material Overlay screen

Oxygen Not Included is a space colony simulation game. While being designed in a way that only Klei can deliver. Where you manage your colonists and help them dig. And also build and maintain a subterranean asteroid base.
So you’ll need water, warmth, food, and oxygen. Keep everyone alive. And even more than that to keep them happy.

Oxygen Not Included will launch on May 28th. The games also discounted 25% on Steam. So more good news for Linux, Mac and Windows PC players.

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