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Oxygen Not Included new Expressive Upgrade

oxygen not included new expressive upgrade for linux mac windows

Oxygen Not Included new Expressive Upgrade bring more to base building survival on Linux, Mac and Windows. Since being thrown together by cruel cosmic circumstance.

So now the Duplicants of the colony have weathered incredible hardships together. And also come out the other side as stronger friends for it. Now armed with their new talents of self awareness. Which also means compassion and extreme friendliness.
So now our intrepid Dupes are now fully commit to supporting each other. Helping to better life in the colony – the good times, and the bad.

What’s New in the Expressive Upgrade?

Duplicant Interactions

Duplicants have new powers of self expression and are now more aware of the colony, themselves, and even their peers. New animations, expressions, and interactions are current additions to help the Duplicants convey what’s happening to and around them.

Oxygen Not Included Features

  • Reaction Animations: Duplicants will now visibly react when they gain new status effects and notice when important things happen around them.
  • Interactions: Duplicants will greet their friends in the halls, chat a bit while working, and compliment each other on a job well done. Turns out they’re not alone on this asteroid!
  • Conversations: Do you like Mushbars? I like Mushbars! Mushbars are pretty good. You’re such a good listener, you know?

Scheduling and Personal Time

As part of their new self-awareness, Duplicants have become concerned about about their Morale. Just because they’re secure under miles of rock and slime (and half of them have embarrassing GI problems) doesn’t mean they can’t be happy!

New Features (Linux, Mac, Windows)

  • Scheduling: Colonywide schedules can now be adjusted, not only to give the Duplicants much needed Downtime at the end of the day to socialize and unwind, but also to ensure they empty their bladders before they run off to work!
  • New Recreation Buildings: While the most basic of breaks can include hanging out by the Water Cooler. Duplicants can really let loose at the local Jukebot or Arcade Cabinet!
  • Morale Expectation: Job expectations have been unified into a single Morale rating, which encompasses Duplicants’ food, lodgings, activities, and whatever else on the asteroid that they find fulfilling.

And More!

  • New Mini Transformer: A new Mini Transformer has been introduced to improve technological progression through the Research Tree. Pick up the mini version for a quick start into Transformer usage, then build the full Transformer for a real challenge!
  • Discoverable Lore Entries: What was “Gravitas”, and what was their purpose? How did the Duplicants end up on the asteroid? Inspect buildings, critters, and more to fill your Database and start unraveling the mystery!
  • Completed Animations and Sounds: The rest of the Critter animations, including babies, wrangling, and morphs are now complete. Along with a number of buildings which previously had been silent.
  • Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!

Klei just keeps adding Oxygen Not Included and the new Expressive Upgrade keeps gameplay interesting. While supporting Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Which is a great games on Linux.

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