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Oxygen Not Included releases Linux support

oxygen not included releases linux ubuntu support in mac windows games 2017

Since Oxygen Not Included released in Early Access back in May of 2017. The games been gaining exceedingly positive reviews on Steam. Also rather impressive for an Early Access game, well may be not for Klei Entertainment. The developer finally releases Linux and Ubuntu support.

As of yesterday morning, I awoke to see that the Linux install finally releases. Checking Steam, alas, the singleplayer games now playable on Linux and Ubuntu. Right beside Mac and Windows releases.
So, just in case you are familiar with Oxygen Not Included. Gameplay is a survival base building and colony management game.

In Oxygen Not Included there is a scarcity of oxygen. As well as keeping the colony warm and fed.
Also these are constant threats to your colony’s survival. Therefore players have to guide colonists through the perils. Those that affect subterranean asteroid living. As population grows, make sure the colony is not just simply surviving, but propering.

Everything in the space colony is under the players control. So things like excavation and resource allocation. All the way down to plumbing and power systems. Resources will begin depleting with your first breath, however, so be sure to dig fast if you want to live.

Oxygen Not Included – Early Access:

Oxygen Not Included Management Requirements:

  • Also, the psychological aspect of survival will mean leisure activities. So keeping great accommodations and better food will impact the colony. Duplicants each have potentially destructive ways of reacting to stress. So making sure to keep them happy is key.
  • Temperature control is a constant concern in space. Too cold and you’ll freeze, too hot and you’ll fry. So keep tabs on ambient environmental temperatures. Watching the colony’s heat production to maintain a cozy atmosphere.
  • Create interlocking pipe systems to swiftly deliver fuel and liquid. While maintaining critical areas of your base. Plan well and be rewarded. So the colony transforms into an imperishable, well-oiled machine.
  • Take Charge with Power Grid Simulations. Choose from a multitude of power sources. Including coal, hydrogen, natural gas or just plain old elbow grease. Manage power runoff, circuit overloads and meltdowns. All to keep your colony running smoothly.
  • Enter the Oxygen Overlay and watch air moving through your base in real time. Monitor carbon dioxide accumulation. Oversee oxygen generation processes to mold your colony into a veritable deep-space oasis.
  • Waste Nothing through Extreme Recycling. Make use of every last resource for a base that truly exemplifies efficiency. Recycle waste into precious fuel. Process unbreathable gas into air. Harness the natural bodily processes of wild creatures for food. If you’re clever, you might even be able to run a base off colonist farts.

Oxygen Not Included releases right now on Steam Early Access. The games priced at $19.99 USD for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

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