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The Padre 3D survival horror releases today

the padre 3d survival horror releases for linux mac windows on steam early access

The Padre is a suspenseful 3D survival horror adventure releases today on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also features old-school narrative story-telling. Filled with humour and horror game references.

The Shotgun With Glitters studio behind The Padre Game. Are also just recently teaming up with a new gaming platform called BrightLocker. Which is the world’s first platform empowering developers to engage with their players.

So for the life of a game, from idea to launch and beyond.

The Padre team is offering numerous rewards. Since this is done via platforms including the opportunity to get into the early access edition. Which is also releases on both Brightlocker and on Steam Early Access.

So $1 buys 10 Gold on BrightLocker. Gold Packs start at $9.99 giving them 100+ gold. Which also enables patrons to purchase 2 or more games at times. Well depending on what deals may be available on the platform.

About The Padre

The Padre is a 3D Horror Adventure with an isometric voxel art style where a Catholic Priest makes the ultimate sacrifice…. On his path to redemption, he must solve mysteries while exploring a dangerous Lovecraftian universe.

Fans describe The Padre Game as “Minecraft meets Devil May Cry” gameplay with touches of other classics the likes of Maniac Mansion and Alone in the Dark.

The Padre – a former demon hunter – has taken on the impossible. Also looking to earn his once rightful place in Heaven. While he relieves the hours before his fate was decided by his own hands.

In his search for redemption, players will be tasked with uncovering the truth of why he did, but also overcoming any obstacles in their way. Some of the challenges that face them include finding hidden items to proceed down their path, fending off the demons that get in their way with torches, guns, crowbars, and even machetes to stay alive.

The Padre – Survival horror Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

As a point-and-click title, there’s no doubt that combat will be a part of The Padre’s venture into redeeming his now lost soul. In the game, players will have to go into combat against unforeseen demonic forces. As the game is a point and click, players will attack enemies by clicking on them and taking aim.

While using firearms such as the pistol or the rifle, players will find themselves being required to keep the crosshairs on their target, which will increase the probability of hitting their target, but also the amount of damage that the creature will take from the player’s attacks.

The Padre Features:

  • Point and click focused gameplay
  • 3D voxel art graphics, allowing the game to offer a unique presentation
  • Challenging combat and puzzle mechanics
  • Hours of gameplay
  • A Lovecraftian puzzle-driven horror experience
  • Multiple endings will be available
  • Video Game Culture Easter Eggs including a Dark Souls board game piece, and references to pop-culture icons such as Half-Life with a crow-bar named “Gordon” and a quote regarding the never-to-release third entry.

Steam and Brightlocker releases:

The Padre is available now on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows.. So if you are ready for the some gaming, check out Steam and Brightlocker. The games release is priced at $14.99 USD with a 33% discount for the first week.

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