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The Padre survival horror is coming this week

the padre survival horror games release for linux mac windows via early access

The Padre is a 3D survival horror adventure that is coming this week to Linux, Mac and Windows. The games set to debut with a day-one release via Early Access on February 22nd. However, early bird pre-orders are open now on Brightlocker.

So this is a 3D point-and-click survival adventure. SInce gameplay combines a deep and evocative narrative. Which involves slaughtering monsters and solving puzzles. While exploring various gloomy voxelized scenes in a Lovecraftian atmosphere.

You are The Padre and have one job. Hence eliminating the weeds, out of the garden of God. Since you are stuck in an infested demonic mansion, doing the shovelling with your guns. Along with your faith or even your bare hands.
Since an unknown presence is watching and waiting to smash your armour of faith into dust.

Survive countless atmospheric scenes of horror. Each room has a new challenge for you; each enemy stands for a different kind of death. Discover the Padre’s story by collecting the pieces of his destiny and reveal secrets to understand his fate.

The Padre survival horror Trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows)

The Padre Features:

  • Polished voxelized graphics for cartoon realistic gloominess
  • Tons of funny and bizarre references to legendary games and pop culture gems
  • Inspired by classic Point and Click games re-dreamed in a 3D environment
  • Melee and Shooting combat based purely on skill and timing
  • No health regeneration – Pure “Fight or Flight” gameplay, spiced up with mind-twisting puzzles
  • Unique Save System that reflects your gaming behavior
  • Never-before-seen voxel horrors hunting you
  • Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe

Also, the Demo is only around until the Early Access release via GameJolt and Just in case someone wants to give it a spin via Wine too.

Brightlocker pre-order deal:

So The Padre pre-order’s are available now on Brighlocker. Since this is and Early Birder purchase for a Steam key at 66 Gold, which is $6.60 USD.

The survival horror Early Access release is coming on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018. This will be for a suggested price of $14.99 USD.