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Paint the Town Red brawler gets a full release date

paint the town red first person brawler games full release date for linux mac and windows pc

Paint the Town Red first person brawler games full release date announced for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer South East Games. Available on both Steam and Humble Store, with 96% Overwhelmingly Positive reviews.

Paint the Town Red the first person brawler with sandbox combat levels. Which also offers a massive roguelike mode, bursts out of Early Access where more than 400,000 bruisers created carnage. Due to make a full release on Thursday, July 29th. Alongside the debut of 1.0 on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Originally released in 2015 to Early Access. Version 1.0 of Paint the Town Red evolved from a violent voxel sandbox into a deeply customizable action experience. Slay foes in fast paced, first person melee action using fisticuffs. Including class abilities and wielding from a selection of more than 200 weapons. While attacking with improvised armaments like barstools. Maybe even use implements of pain like shurikens. Then say hasta la vista to foes with deadly firearms. All playable in single-player, online co-op, cross-platform multiplayer, with full controller support.

Tackle the roguelike Beneath mode, working for a clandestine organization. One that also stands against undead terrors and eldritch horrors in a subterranean world. Pick from five different classes with distinct stats and abilities. Such as the nimble Spectre who possesses the ability to teleport. Maybe play the stalwart Vanguard capable of healing allies. Uncover the mysteries of this shifting, procedurally generated world, and defeat the four Elder Gods.

Paint the Town Red – Release Announcement Trailer

Cause mayhem in Scenarios mode, a series of themed sandboxes. This is where brawlers must kill ‘em all and let the Elder Gods sort ‘em out. All while you fight to the bloody end in the Paint the Town Red Arena mode. With an endless mode for warriors to push themselves to the limits. Use modifiers to customize the experience. This also enables upcoming punishers to bring a gun to a swashbuckling pirate fight. They can also enjoy a slow-mo disco demolition night with an authorized SUPERHOT mode.

Paint the Town Red PC fighters can expand the fun even further with the games built-in level editor. This of course includes full Steam Workshop support. While offering up more than 8,000 items and counting. Including custom levels, texture packs, and music packs. A PC exclusive online co-op mode allows up to 4 rowdy brawlers. So you can make a bloody mess in Scenarios or pummel the Elder Gods in Beneath mode together.

Paint the Town Red’s lightning fast, gory, and tactile combat. Makes it such a blast to play,” said Matthew Carr, South East Games, co-founder. “The simplistic voxel based graphics present the game as clean and sterile at first glance. But once the fists start flying, all of the viscera and fleshy bits really add some colourful details.”

Paint the Town Red full release date is Thursday, July 29th. The games priced at $19.99 USD on Humble Store, but offers a 30% discount on Steam until July 8th. Including ongoing support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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