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Paleo Pines dinasour farming sim out soon

paleo pines dinasour farming sim game is due to release on linux and windows pc

Paleo Pines dinasour farming sim game is due to release on Linux and Windows PC. Developer Italic Pig has put in a ton of hard work, and the result is something truly unique. Working its way onto Steam this fall.

Get ready to enter a world where humans and dinosaurs live together peacefully. Picture this: Paleo Pines is getting ready to arrive on September 26, 2023. Created by Modus Studios and developed by Italic Pig, it’s a heartwarming title where you build your own dinosaur ranch.

In Paleo Pines, you’ll find yourself on a quirky island full of friendly dinosaurs and friendly townspeople. When you arrive, you’ll move into an old ranch that needs some fixing up. But you won’t be alone in this adventure! You’ll get to meet and befriend the wacky folks from Pebble Plaza, the town nearby, and also make friends with the wild dinosaurs in the area.

But Paleo Pines is not just a regular farming game for Linux. This dinasour farming sim is so much more! Alongside your trusty dinosaur friend, Lucky the Parasaurolophus, you’ll unravel the lost history of Paleo Pines.

The main goal is to create your very own paradise. You’ll grow crops, take care of the land, and fix up your ranch with the help of the dinosaurs you meet. It’s like having a bunch of giant, friendly pets! And to make it even cooler, you can customize your character however you like, with a range of different looks to choose from. You’ll be able to turn your plot of land into an amazing dinosaur ranch.

Paleo Pines – Release Date Trailer

To make friends with the dinosaurs, you’ll need to treat them right. Give them tasty treats, boop their noses (they love that!), and provide them with comfortable pens. It’s all about building a strong bond with your dinosaur companions. And don’t worry if you forget what they like or dislike since you’ll have a dino journal to keep track of everything.

Paleo Pines offers a whole range of different places for you to explore. You can wander through flowery fields, climb up high canyons, and soak in the beautiful sights of enchanting landscapes. Each day will be an exciting adventure, as you discover new areas and encounter different dinosaur species in the lush wilderness.

So, get ready to jump into the dinasour farming sim of Paleo Pines this fall on your PC. It’s a game for Linux and Windows PC that combines friendship, farming, and the incredible presence of dinosaurs. Get ready to create your own dinosaur haven and experience the joy of living side by side with these amazing creatures. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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