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Paleo Pines ranching sim launches on Linux

paleo pines dinosaur farming simulation game launches on linux steam deck and windows pc

Paleo Pines dinosaur farming simulation game launches on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to Italic Pig for their incredible creativity and dedication. Available now on Steam with 78% Positive reviews.

Ranching has taken a prehistoric turn with Paleo Pines, the latest release from Modus Games and Italic Pig. At its core, this title lets players venture into a vibrant world where tending to a ranch is enhanced by the presence of ancient, friendly dinosaurs.

Set on a charming island, Paleo Pines drops Linux and Steam Deck players into a setting where friendly prehistoric creatures live with humans. This isn’t your typical ranching title; it’s about building a prosperous habitat with these creatures. The island isn’t just a setting but a living ecosystem waiting to be explored. Whether it’s the stunning vistas or the bustling town center, there’s a lot to see and do.

Interacting with the native Paleo Pines dinosaurs is a highlight. The island hosts a variety of these creatures each also has its own unique personality. Engaging with them is an experience in itself; you can also communicate with these ancient beasts. Doing so by playing specific tunes on a flute. Win them over with treats and gestures of trust, and soon enough, they’ll be loyal additions to your ranch. Building relationships with these creatures requires patience and understanding. Which is much like fostering connections in the real world.

Paleo Pines – Official Launch Trailer

One of the standout features is the personalization aspect. Every player wants to leave a mark on their setting, and Paleo Pines offers ample room for that. Whether it’s designing the perfect enclosure for your T-Rex. Or decking out your character in Mesozoic inspired outfits, the choices are broad and varied. The attention to detail in this dinosaur farming simulation also extends to your primary companion. This a charming Parasaurolophus named Lucky. With Lucky by your side, players embark on a journey to unearth the island’s hidden secrets.

For those new to the ranching or simulation genre on Linux and Steam Deck, there might be a slight learning curve. But Paleo Pines is also well worth the time. Since the controls are intuitive, ensuring that even novices can search the world and its challenges. The graphics are vibrant and detailed, basically capturing the essence of a bygone era. It’s evident that a lot of thought went into creating an authentic and deep title.


Paleo Pines has a unique concept that is different from other farming sims. The inclusion of dinosaurs is its strongest asset, but several design choices prevent the game from reaching its full potential. Some players find value in the dinosaur farming simulation. While others feel it needs upgrades to be truly enjoyable. As of now, Paleo Pines seems more like an early access launch, with hopes that future updates will enhance the title.

Paleo Pines offers a refreshing twist on the ranching simulation genre. This dinosaur farming simulation is a rich, interactive setting that ensures hours of engaging gameplay. It’s more than just a ranching game; it’s a journey into a time long past. Where you form bonds with creatures of a world gone by. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone just looking for a unique experience, Paleo Pines is worth diving into. Available now on Steam. Priced at $26.99 USD / £20.69 / 26,99€ with the 10% launch discount. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC.

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