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Panic Mode casual simulation strategy out now

panic mode casual simulation strategy games out now in early access linux mac windows pc

Panic Mode casual simulation strategy games out now in Early Access for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuous efforts of developer Moebius games. Available now via Steam Early Access.

Indie development studio Moebius games release their casual simulation strategy game. While offering you a chance to save cute aliens in Panic Mode. There you will also act as a crisis manager to save creatures known as Pammies. Doing so from dangerous disasters and unsafe buildings. All using shoddy, volatile, and convoluted gadgets as tools.

Panic Mode – Game Teaser (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

In each location in Panic Mode, an accident is bound to happen. First, assemble your disaster prevention equipment in the Pammy’s workspaces. When things kick off, use your tools to help fix the issue. Since this would otherwise cause all of the Pammies to die.

In a world full of hazards, the “if it ain’t broke” line of thinking leads to quite a dicey position. Instead of taking protective caution like say, fire escapes. So instead the only company on the planet decides to hire you as a crisis manager. Use the company provided tools (often coming with dangerous materials themselves) to prevent imminent chaos. All while you guide the alien species to safety.

Panic Mode is a unique game and one tha also cost effective. The casual simulation strategy game is to remain in Early Access for roughly 12 months, at least (Q3 2022). The Early Access version includes a city themed setting. Offering up 15 levels, 3 tutorial levels, and water/fire based tools.


  • Behaviour: Pammies are fully simulated. Tthey aren’t smart yet but they aren’t stupid either
  • Elements: A complex element system simulates how different elements react in a variety of situations. Such as fire, heat, water, smoke (and more to come!)
  • Tools: Crisis management equipment is one of the essential elements. At least when it comes to saving as many Pammies as possible. Panic Mode features a various tools and gadget to help the player. So you can limit the impact of the soon to happen a disaster.
  • Objectives: While you cna save all Pammies in a level most of the time, which is the main objective. There are times when it’s also more important to save an exact Pammy. Going out of your way to make sure that a certain room burns down.
  • Level progress: The player takes on a journey to become Pamperumpel Industries most valued employee. Simply by getting that valued title of Employee#1. You can do so by solving the main objectives in each level. Where the player then unlocks a new and fresh level. Once again, offering a chance to save more Pammies.

Panic Mode casual simulation strategy releases via Steam Early Access. Priced at only $5.09 USD (regularly $5.99 USD / EUR 4.99), including a 15% discount until July 16th. Along with continuing support for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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