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Panic Mode latest update brings more destruction

panic mode latest game update brings more destruction on linux mac and windows pc

Panic Mode latest update game brings more destruction on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuous works of developer MobiusCode. Which is available now on Steam Early Access.

Indie development studio MobiusCode (former Moebiusgames) will be giving the lives Pammies a true test. Well, at least for the cute alien Pammies in its crisis management game Panic Mode. The latest update features Pammies getting killed by smoke, water, ice, and explosions. As a crisis manager, you use the company’s latest gear to ensure the workers of Pamperümpel Industries is not totally wiped out. Which is kind of a sadistic game. With new levels in various locations (e.g. the Morale Locale) and a multitude of quests. All due to the likes of “Burn the back office for tax purposes” and to keep you busy.

The idea for Panic Mode was first put together by the project lead Florian Frankenberger. Doing so after attending a concert. Not just any show, but a show in a wooden hall. “I asked myself what would happen if a fire broke out now. And why the hell would anyone build a concert hall entirely out of wood?” This kind of logic is now the backbone of the Pammy people. So now, instead of taking the right building caution, such as, fire escapes. Now, you are the safety inspector intern. This means you should crisis proof all corporate properties. All due to prevent chaos among the pammies. Do note, the corporate provided tools often contain dangerous materials themselves. E.g. like the overly ruining Bomberator.

Panic Mode – New Update Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Panic Mode takes themes of consumerism and environmental pollution. Then wraps it in a cutesy and somewhat longing aesthetic. With over intense supervisors and reckless neglect of risky materials. As well as totally wasteful production processes. Due to filling the bleak earth-like planet’s workplace culture. Likewise, the “Pammies are somewhat like us. Maybe players will be able to help them take care of the outcomes of their actions.

In each location in Panic Mode, an accident is bound to happen. First, set up your disaster prevention gear in the corporate workspaces. Run drills so you can test out your safety protocols. Help ensure the survival of the employees. But don’t worry though, you don’t need to save them all.

The new update includes:

  • 8+ crisis management tools
  • 15 properties in Panic Mode need of crisis proofing (aka “levels”)
  • 5 elements and hazards: fire, smoke, water, ice and of course explosions!
  • Sensitive and easy to read company instructions


  • Delightful chaotic situations
  • Unique simulation moments
  • Satisfying puzzle solutions
  • Saving cute creatures
  • Chain reactions

Panic Mode latest update brings more destruction to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Available now on Steam Early Access. All priced at $11.99 USD / £9.29 / 9,99€.

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