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Paper Dungeons Crawler full release coming this week

paper dungeons crawler roguelike full release coming this week for linux mac windows

Paper Dungeons Crawler is a true roguelike will leave Steam Early Access with a full release this week for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Paper Dungeons Crawler is a true turn by turn classic 16 bits Roguelike. Which also presents a real challenge, deep gameplay, unique specialization system and draw-to-cast spells.

So you can expect smooth gameplay, easy controls with nice graphics and original roleplay elements. Along with hardcore and brutal ACSII roguelike features. Players who usually don’t play classic roguelikes enjoy the experience too.

Paper Dungeons Crawler is a Spinoff of our first game Paper Dungeons which was a Puzzle RPG.

While each class has access to 4 rune types and casts spells by drawing them on a runic compass.

Make your character unique, based on your gameplay. So if you you prefer shooting arrows with your warrior. Just use your bow more often, and your “Ranged weapons” specialization will level up. Also this is twice as fast if you chose the talent “Hunter” when rolling your character.

Paper Dungeons Crawler story happens several years later in Cyndaria. So your adventure will unfold in the same universe as Paper Dungeons. Also a pure dungeon crawler gametype (like Nethack).

Many key elements of Paper Dungeons are kept, like dragon bosses, player classes, cursed monsters, monsters types, traps, etc. There’s our new magic system with runes to memorize.

Paper Dungeons Crawler Trailer (linux, Mac, Windows)

Paper Dungeons Crawler has been on Early Access for a bit more than one month and has already grown so much!

A tons of features have been added during this period:

  • Room Archetypes (More than 250 new sprites)
  • Minimap
  • Skill system
  • Bestiary
  • Shopkeeper
  • Tutorial
  • Steam Leaderboard integration

Full Release on Steam:

Paper Dungeons Crawler is coming to Steam this week priced at $9.99 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows. No word on the full release launch date.

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