Papetura puzzle adventure aims for support

papetura puzzle adventure game aims for linux support mac windows pc

Papetura puzzle adventure game coming to Mac and Windows PC, but aims for Linux support too. Thanks to developer Petums. Due to make release sometime in late 2019. Which is coming to Steam.

Papetura is a unique atmospheric puzzle adventure game. Likewise, this is a game made entirely out of animated paper.
This means everything from tiny insects, strange creatures and monsters. All the way up to truly magical locations. Everything in Papetura is cut and glued by hand. And like the beautiful music by Floex (Tomas Dvorak). This creates a mysterious and unique paper world. One that is also full of both shadow and light.

So naturally seeing the Papetura trailer. And also receive game details. Well, it caught my attention. So what about Linux support?

  • Particularly what game engine is being usedfor Papetura? Unity 3D?
    Yes, the engine used is Unity 3D (5.xx)
  • Can we expect to see a Linux port?
    I’ll try to port and test the build for Linux. But nothing certain at this point.

So, do you think the odds are looking up for Linux? Well, me too. Since most of the native games are built on Unity 3D.
And likewise, this is a title many can appreciate. Having the right amount of weirdness. While creating a truly amazing looking game.

Papetura: Gameplay Short Trailer

Papetura tells a story about a lonely paper creature – Pape, trapped in a flowery prison. One day Pape manages to escape the captivity, and along the way, he finds little Tura – magical being that from now on he will be taking care of. Together they will have to face dark and flaming monsters which will try to burn down their paper world.


  • Unique Point & Click Adventure experience.
  • Everything in Papetura is handcrafted out of paper. So this makes the fantasy paper-world more real.
  • Atmospheric, flowing music created by Floex. Also the famous artist known for soundtracks. Such as Machinarium, Samorost series, and many award-winning albums.
  • Puzzles are a part of the world.
  • The story told by animation and sounds, without any dialogues.

Right back from the ashes of burned paper. Papetura emerges with a release date of late 2019. Nothing specific yet. But the games due to launch on Mac and Windows PC. With Linux support in testing.

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