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Paradise Lost: First Contact mixes platforming and stealth game for Linux, Windows, Mac

A mysterious asteroid crashes in the desert. Onboard: you, Subject W, an alien plant , captured and subjected to scientific experiments looking for escape.

That’s the premise for Paradise Lost : First Contact , a Linux, Mac and Windows game from the three-person Spanish developer Asthree Works raising funds on Kickstarter. The developer cites franchises like Castlevania, Metal Gear, Metroid and Oddworld as inspirations for its side-scroller, which mixes elements of stealth, platforming and puzzle solving inside of a non-linear Metroidvania structure.

In Paradise Lost you will take control of an alien plant that has been hidden in a secret bio-engineering facility. A security breach in the system allows the plant to escape from imprisonment and discover the secret purposes of the research organization which put it in a jar.

Paradise Lost: First Contact mixes platforming and stealth game for Linux, Windows, Mac

The game incorporates nonlinear, Metroidvania style mechanics, in which the player at first finds many areas inaccessible. To continue the exploration and escape from the facility, the player has to use specific objects and unlock new abilities.

There is also an RPG component: during the course of playing the player gets to direct the evolution of the alien plant, adapting it to their playing style with different skills that will be discovered as the game progresses. These enhancements will allow players to develop their own gaming strategies as the story unfolds.

Current and planned features

  • Explore a huge and complex map full of secret projects and situations that will keep you hooked
  • Enjoy a rich gameplay experience based on stealth and platforms, mixed with modern mechanics and puzzles
  • Face different ways of progressing through the getaway, using stealth and action skills like mental manipulation, decoys, organic bombs and more
  • Exciting platform challenges. Climb different surfaces and defy gravity laws!
  • Amazing scenes full of immersive dialogues and situations
  • Find rare items and expand your game experience collecting them
  • Epic boss battles!

Paradise Lost: First Contact epic boss battles

Dialogues and cut scenes are the cornerstones of the game. This means that not everything will be what it seems to be: twists, mysteries and double-crosses will be a constant during the alien’s escape. Also, the adventure will be filled with references and hidden winks to our sharp-eyed players.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $47,626 of its $70,000 goal from 2,347 backers with 25 days remaining. Pledges beginning at $9 will net backers a DRM-free copy of Paradise Lost: First Contact, which is slated for release in December 2014. Stretch goals for the Unity-developed game include ports to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita at $200,000 and Wii U at $250,000.

For more details, check out Paradise Lost: First Contact on Kickstarter

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