Paradox Interactive announced Hearts of Iron 4 and RPG Runemaster for Linux

A couple of days ago, +ParadoxInteractive, the development house behind the hugely successful and addictive #Magicka, #CrusaderKings and Europa Universalis IV among other games, officially announced in their recent Miami convention that they are planning to launch two new games, Runemasters and the highly anticipated sequel to the Hearts of Iron series, Hearts of Iron IV. Both games are slated to be getting a Linux release along with a Windows release.

Runemasters is an RPG, a first for Paradox Interactive, set in the mythically rich world of the Norse. The player will play as a unique champion who is able to command troops in tactical combat while also evolving into a unique champion shaped by the decision made by the players. The player can explore all the six worlds of the Norse mythology and enjoy the beautiful vistas offered by it. The maps and quests will be procedurally generated thus allowing the player to have a unique play through each time they play through and spin a saga that is unique to the player’s champion.

The second game announced at the convention is the multifaceted grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, the highly anticipated sequel to the series. The game is touted as the most accurate WWII simulation to date. Strategy fans will face the most brutal conflict of World War II where the history is just waiting to be either relived or be completely rewritten from the perspective of a superpower or a small country fighting for their survival. The game will feature period accurate weapons, armies and vehicles along with newly discovered weapons of mass destruction. In addition, diplomacy and trade will also be there in keeping with the series’ tradition.

The game is slated to be released in “early 2015” for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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