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Paragon a new first-person shooter being developed with Unreal Engine 4 via Epic Games

Epic Games are still working to #develop the Unreal Tournament game powered by Unreal Engine 4. Now a #new #title has arisen from from Epic called Paragon.

We do not have details for Paragon, but we are safe to presume that being an Unreal Engine 4 title we will see a native port. With an expected release to be available for PC’s in “early 2016.” And so far it looks to be some sort of heroe-based first-person shooter.

Epic Games announced the title via this Paragon site with very limited content explaining anything about the title. However we do expect Epic Games will continue to release new detail about Paragon in the weeks ahead.

Keep your eyes open for more details on the Unreal Engine 4 title.



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