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Paranoid gory adventure and Linux support

paranoid gory adventure and linux support after games windows pc release

Paranoid is a gory horror adventure for Windows PC, the games Linux support update. Thanks to some feedback from developer Madmind Studio. Which is coming to Steam, but not release date yet.

Paranoid tells the story of Patrick. Who is also living in isolation from the outside world for years. One day he receives a phone call from his sister. Who also announces her visit. Since is it now more than a dozen years after she disappearance.

Linux Support:

“We are currently focusing on the Windows version only. But ports are possible sometime in the future. The game will run on UE4.”

This is also somewhat similar to the Paranoid Steam Discussion post. Which is actually good news. Even though we do not have a full out release date yet. Since the studio is keeping focus on one platform for launch. But it’s going to be interesting to see how support comes about.
So best suggestion, Wishlist on Steam. Also feel free to show some Tux Love using the link above. Unreal Engine 4 games also work well via Proton. So hopefully more good news there.

“We are open to all platforms. But currently, we are able to confirm only the PC release. Keep following our profiles, and we will announce our future steps ASAP.”

Paranoid is a survival-horror game. Combining a deep, psychological story. Along with dynamic and brutal gameplay.
The game also tells the story of Patrick Calman. A 31-year-old man who has lost his entire family. Doing so under mysterious circumstances.
His parents died violently. While his sister suddenly went missing. Trauma associated with the loss of his loved ones destroyed Patrick’s psyche. His own apartment became his prison.

Paranoid Official Teaser (Windows PC, then Linux)

Then one day Patrick gets a call. The voice on the phone seems to belong to his sister. So now thirteen years after the disappearance. She announces her comeback. To learn the truth about everything. Patrick will have to leave his life of seclusion. Also exposing himself to horrible experiences. Those that will put him on the verge of madness. Welcome to Paranoid.


  • A dynamic and brutal combat system
  • A constant struggle between paranoia and reality
  • Terrifying opponents
  • Drug abusing gameplay mechanics
  • A deep plot combining psychological horror with action and survival
  • A disturbing atmosphere that combines psychosis and surrealism
  • Realistic visual setting
  • Three endings depending on the style of the player’s gameplay

Paranoid still does not have a release date yet. But gory adventure games coming to Windows PC first. With support for Linux coming after. So hopefully the games launch will be solid. Which seems to have an underlying tone here.

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