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Parasight 2D action RPG has a playable Demo

parasight 2d action rpg game has a playable demo for linux mac and windows pc

Parasight 2D action RPG game has a playable Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing and creative efforts of developer ManyDev Studio. Which is available drm-free from the official website and on Steam (Windows PC only).

ManyDev Studio announces their new game Parasight. This is a 2D action RPG game with souls-like mechanics. In the game, you can choose to play peacefully or right. Since you can socialize with enemies or fight them.

Demo lets you explore some of the vast nevermore Island. Since you have to find out what happened to the last tyrant king and old settlers. You can choose to be a Knight, Wizard, or other different characters. Level up, using SOUL EXTRACTS to become stronger in dealing with the enemies. Likewise, Parasight lets you can choose between various weapons, armors, rings, and more. As a result, you can choose to play peacefully or without restraint.

Parasight – Trailer

Your actions in Parasight will have outcomes. There are also many endings in this game. Your actions will determine which of them you choose. You have three options to deal with the bosses in the game. Since you can fight, maybe a social battle, or battle soul.

The style used in Parasight is souls-like. But how you play also offers you a choice. Since your choices and play style will offer up different scenarios. Personally, I prefer this style of gameplay for offering more value in the game.


  • You can choose to play peacefully or without restraint.
  • Choose between 6 classes of Knight, Mage, and some more. There are also just 2 classes available in the Parasight demo.
  • Dynamic story, the story changes based on your actions!
  • More than 40 boss fights!
  • Rich story & richer side stories!
  • Cool puzzles and mini-games!
  • Many cute NPCs.
  • Original Art and soundtrack

Parasight 2D action RPG is developed in Unity 3D. Also, the Steam release will not offer a Linux port. However, it will be available via the official website. Just check out the Demo for yourself, you might find that it is good.

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