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Parcel an atmospheric block-pushing puzzle available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

parcel an atmospheric block-pushing puzzle in linux mac windows games

Finnish game developer Polar Bunny Ltd is excited to #announce that their #atmospheric multi-character puzzle #game, Parcel, is now available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on  Steam. The game is co-published with Frozenbyte, the developer behind the award-winning Trine series. Parcel initially passed Steam Greenlight™ in 2014 with flying colors. The game can be bought for $9.99 / 9.99 € from the game’s Steam store page:

Parcel is a cyberpunk puzzle game where the player has to solve interlocking laser puzzles using the unique abilities of different characters. The game can be played alone or cooperatively with friends, and features over 120 fully playable puzzles. A level editor is also included, enabling the amount of playable content to grow within the community.

Utilizing the powers of the team of peculiar postpeople – block-pushing, magnetization, hacking and teleportation – players will progress down a heavily guarded tower with increasingly complex puzzles. Packed with intellectual challenge and “the right kind of frustration”, Parcel aims to be a memorable puzzling experience that will make players think and leave them thinking afterwards.

Game features:

  • Over 120 levels of puzzling divided into numerous distinct sectors
  • Unique characters with their own special powers to help you solve even the hardest challenges – or to complicate things further
  • Gorgeous environments with atmospheric, colorful visuals
  • A level editor with Steam Workshop support – get puzzled by community levels and puzzle the world with your creations!
  • Single-player and local co-op – play the entire adventure alone or with up to 4 friends!

Parcel launched on Steam Early Access March 26th 2015 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A title that enables the community to play their part in the game that was designed as a community-driven puzzle toolset from the beginning. The fact that these features exist cross-platform will make for a different type of gaming experience on an ongoing basis. A huge kudos for Polar Bunny Ltd.