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Parcel Corps bike messenger gets a trailer

parcel corps freelance bicycle messenger game gets a trailer for both linux and windows pc

Parcel Corps freelance bicycle messenger game gets a trailer for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the dedication of Billy Goat Entertainment, we have a unique new experience. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2024.

Your next favorite digital adventure unravels in the latest title called Parcel Corps. Where you are due to become a bike courier. Those people who ride around the city, delivering everything from pizza to important documents.
In the game, you’ll be in the heart of a vibrant island known as New Island, pedaling and darting between buildings. The streets? They’re your playground. With tricks like wallrides, slides, and those skateboard-style grinds. Since you will not just be delivering parcels, but doing it with style.

The setting is lively: sun-soaked streets with three major bicycle delivery firms battling it out. They’re all aiming to be the best in the courier world. In Parcel Corps will pick whose colors you’ll wear. Think of it like joining a team, each with its own goals and challenges.

Parcel Corps is not just about racing to make deliveries within the 32-minute deadline. A character, Rich Villainé, CEO of crude oil exploration company Polar Petroleum PLC. Villainé’s political ambitions place him on a course that does not align New Island’s bicycle messengers. As a result, things start getting complicated.

Parcel Corps – Traversal Trailer

While you’re deep into courier runs, you’ll find yourself in a position where the fate of the world could be in your hands. Who knew a courier could be so crucial?

Parcel Corps isn’t just about delivering items. It brilliantly mixes action with a pinch of humor and a sprinkle of real-world issues. The characters you’ll meet are quirky, each bringing their unique flavor to the story. And while the storyline promises to keep you engaged, you’ll also learn a thing or two about the challenges and thrills of being a courier.

Parcel Corps freelance bicycle messenger is a ride through a unique world. Due to take on challenges, unexpected turns, and a storyline to keep you coming back. You can embark on this adventure on both Linux and Windows PC in 2024. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam.

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