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Parcel Corps gets into bicycle messenger life

parcel corps freelance bike messenger game is coming to linux and windows pc

Parcel Corps freelance bicycle messenger game is coming to Linux and Windows PC. Developer Billy Goat Entertainment’s hard work and dedication result in remarkable results. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Get ready for a unique new game Parcel Corps. It’s an extreme sports delivery title developed by Billy Goat Entertainment and published by Secret Mode, and due to release in 2024 on Linux.

In Parcel Corps, you become a bicycle messenger working for one of three courier companies. You’ll ride your bike through the streets of a colorful city called New Island, delivering packages for interesting customers. But it’s not just about delivering packages; you’ll also have the chance to show off your skills by doing tricks and stunts along the way. Imagine riding your bike, jumping off ramps, and even riding on walls.

The city of New Island is split between three courier corporations that are competing to become the biggest and most successful. You’ll have to choose which side to join and then battle it out with rival couriers in Parcel Corps. Due to gain market share, influence, and earn money. It’s like a race to the top, where you’ll face tests and obstacles as you try to make a living.

But things take a turn when a character named Rich Villainé, who is the CEO of an oil exploration company, comes to town. He has big plans that could harm the city and its people. As a humble player, it’s up to you to save the day and stop Villainé’s evil plans. So, while you’re busy delivering packages and completing missions, you’ll have the task of saving the world.

Parcel Corps: MICRO TEASER

Parcel Corps also has a fun and colorful city for you to explore. There are nine different regions within the city, each with its own unique style and challenges. As you complete jobs for various business owners, you’ll uncover more about the city’s secrets. As well as meet interesting side characters along the way.

Parcel Corps is not just about delivering packages. It’s a game that satirizes real-world issues like the gig economy, media influencers, and big tech companies. It brings attention to the challenges faced by freelance workers and the power dynamics within corporations. So, while you’re having fun playing, you’ll also be thinking about these important topics.

With its exciting gameplay, tricks and stunts, and an engaging story, Parcel Corps offers a lot of entertainment. It’s a game where you get to be a bicycle messenger, show off your skills, and save the world. So, get ready to put on your helmet, slip into your spandex, and embark on an epic adventure through the vibrant streets of New Island. Its coming in 2024 for both Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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