Party Hard 2 releases first Alpha with a pre-order giveaway

party hard 2 releases first alpha with a pre-order giveaway in linux gaming news

Since the first Pinokl Games #release for Party Hard has some great review. Hence now the #sequel 2015’s #stealth strategy hit Party Hard 2 has a playable Alpha. And did I mention it’s free for everyone to play?
Just make note, the Alpha is available on Mac and Windows. So no Linux gaming yet, hence the full release.

Party Hard 2 Announcement Trailer:

So Party Hard 2 is in developement using a new engine (Unity 3D). Which means cross-platform support with changes:

  • 3D Environments with physics
  • Real-time shading
  • 2D Characters blend into the world with 3D meshes for unique depth effects

Since these changes open up brand new gameplay possibilities. Such as explosions in a unique visual style. Hence Pinokl Games and tinyBuid are really keen to show off how it plays.

So this Alpha 1 gameplay shows players some of the new mechanics. All of which is currently in development for Party Hard 2.

  • Players are no longer required to kill all targets at the party. Instead, there are pre-determined targets. Stealthy players will want to hide bodies while gaming. Hence beating the level perfectly without creating notice.
  • The new Party Vision ability is the big news. This allows players to see interactive objects within the scene.
  • Insta-Kill a rechargable ability. While instantly taking out multiple targets in a small area.
  • Players will be able to carry up to 3 extra items. So this is in addition to the knife. For example, you can carry a gas canister onto the dance-floors and light it up.

tinybuild are giving away 10 Pre-Order Keys for Party Hard 2. For a chance to win, simply:


So this is some significant news. Since the good folks at tinyBuild are allowing everyone to play Party Hard 2. Hence the freely available Alpha with one level of gameplay. It is only playable on Mac and Windows, no Linux yet. Yet we will see Linux support with the full release coming this summer.

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