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Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’ to seek funding soon

party poppin' robot stompin' multiplayer survival strategy game to seek kickstarter funding for linux and windows pc

Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’ multiplayer survival strategy game to seek funding for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Fowl Robot Army. Due to make it’s way onto Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign this week.

Blast egg headed robots to smithereens. While you drop enemies from the sky through candy portals. Or you could shoot-em-up with a flying toy train. Since you are playing in candy covered palm groves and lava filled ice caves. There are angry quantum volcanoes as well as hidden sub-sea bunkers. The Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’ battle is on to restore party to the land using the power of music. This includes a quantum entanglement and some of the wackiest weapons imaginable. No Really…Have you ever tried to kill a nuts grumpy robot by launching a panicking snowman head into battle?

Fowl Robot Army (a new video game studio) is due to launch their first Kickstarter Oct. 12th. All to further expand the development of Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’. Their wack tastical new game being developed in Blender and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. You might want to check out the trailer below.

Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’ KICKSTARTER (Linux, Windows PC)

Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’: and The Candy-Verse Collision In a year that is unknown. Also taking place in a galaxy of irrelevant location. These party lovin’ planet dwellers treat every moment like it’s Friday night. But the party pooping bad guys have a different idea. In a mad attempt to get rid of the Fowl Robot Army. Now the planet is put in a quantum entangled with the Candy-Verse. With both the laws of physics, and stable blood sugar levels thrown out the window. The battle is on to push these yolk-minded party poopers back. Due to send them back to whatever boring hole they came from. Along with ketchup fights, party generators, quantum candy guns, and much more.

Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’ is the product of developer Fowl Robot Army:
What do you get when you cross a gray haired old graphics nerd. One who also turns down Hollywood job offers to start his own company. As well as a competitive tap dancer turne -music composer who reads international law to relax? A bunch of child prodigy video game developers of course! What if your “normal” was learning computer programming at age 10? Then maybe you’d be one of the young, super skilled, nuts creative Doogie Howsers working at Fowl Robot Army. This multi generational indie game studio has the perfect blend of fresh, young, creative ideas. All mixed with experienced tech veterans and long serving industry professionals.

Party Poppin’ Robot Stompin’ multiplayer survival strategy is due to release on Linux and Windows PC. This also includes consoles as well. Gearing up for an October 27th release on Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

You can follow the developer on both Twitter and on Discord.

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