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Passageway of the Ancients a classic CRPG

passageway of the ancients is a classic crpg game coming to linux and windows pc

Passageway of the Ancients is a classic CRPG game coming to Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and effort from developer Passageway Games. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2024.

Passageway of the Ancients is an upcoming game to debut on Steam in Q1 of 2024. At its core, it’s a thrilling adventure that will transport players into a world of magic and mystery.

And thanks to the PR staff, they are able to confirm that a native build is officially coming. Stating, “The dev is now working on a Linux build.” Followed by, “We are now checking out the Linux build. Hopefully, it will be in good shape in time for the next Steam festival.”

As a result, here’s what to expect in this classic CRPG:

The Passageway of the Ancients story takes place in Aieryon, the only planet in the galaxy that’s still swirling with magic. As a player, you’ll dive deep into Ithgar, a city where you’ll try to piece together clues. All due to find out who was responsible for the tragic loss of your parents. While it may sound grim, the Passageway of the Ancients journey promises to be seductive and full of rich lore.

Passageway of the Ancients draws inspiration from some iconic fantasy tales by Tolkien and Moorecock. Since the story aims to blend the charm of the ’90s style adventures with today’s computer capabilities. Plus, the creators behind this experience are two gentlemen – Jon Grierson and John Hendrick. They’ve teamed up to bring their dream to life. Due to merge their deep-rooted love for storytelling with innovative technical skills.

Passageway of the Ancients | Teaser

Now, let’s dive into some of the things you’ll be able to do in Passageway of the Ancients:

  • Combat: Get ready for some action! There’s a unique fighting mechanism that will require you to think on your feet. Since it’s not just about attacking; it’s about using actual tactics inspired by medieval battles.
  • Two-sided character: This is where it gets super intriguing. You’ll be playing as a character with two identities. One side of you, the “Dragonkindt,” remains hidden from the world. The other side, which you get to choose as a Dwarf, Elf, or Human, interacts with everyone else. The catch? You’ll need to develop both sides simultaneously.
  • Magic and Tools: The Passageway of the Ancients adventure is full of magical items that can boost your intelligence, will, and various abilities. The way you equip and use them will play a big role in how your journey unfolds.
  • Decisions, Decisions: The choices you make will shape the story. From solving puzzles and managing your finds after battles to deciding how you interact with others. So, every decision will count.
  • Character Customization: You get to decide how your Passageway of the Ancients character looks! Whether you want to be an Elf with sharp features or a sturdy Dwarf, the choice is yours.

Passageway of the Ancients is a classic CRPG game that promises to be a deep experience. Since it blends classic fantasy elements with a fresh spin. So, if you’re keen on embarking on a magical journey filled with twists, turns, and heaps of excitement. Keep an eye out for this release next year and Wishlist the title on Steam. Since it is confirmed for Linux with Windows PC.

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