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Patch 2.0.1 out for Total War: ROME REMASTERED

patch 2.0.1 releases for total war: rome remastered for linux gaming mac and windows pc

Patch 2.0.1 releases for Total War: ROME REMASTERED for Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing development efforts of Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive. Available via Steam, Feral Store, and Humble Store.

While this first update focuses on stability. This also includes subsurface scattering effects for units in real time battles. Patch 2.0.1 is largely addressing one off crashes. The focus for the next patch and beyond is to look into and improve areas of the game. This will include AI, pathfinding, and modding functions. Which is also announced by Feral via Twitter.

Patch 2.0.1 addresses STABILITY

This is all due to those who enabled crash reporting. Since many of these fixes are only possible due to these reports.
Such as a crash when trying to save a game during an AI-only campaign. Patch 2.0.1 offers a fix for a crash when moving animal units across bridges. This includes stability changes to reduce the number of one off crashes since the release.


  • Various improvements to Chinese voice over tracks and in-game strings
  • A range of improvements to Russian in-game strings
  • Fixed issue with missing Russian subtitles during the Armenia faction intro
  • Patch 2.0.1 fixes issues with Italian subtitle syncing during the Iberia faction intro
  • Also, fixing issues where the “Open Preferences Folder” button would not work. This takes place when the system user account name used non-roman characters

Patch 2.0.1 AUDIO

  • Male Barbarian units no longer play female audio changes in battle

Total War: ROME REMASTERED Announce Trailer


  • Fixed an issue where descriptions and effects for Merchants’ followers would not display
  • Added subsurface scattering effects to unit skin to address skin tone issues
  • Patch 2.0.1 improves text wrapping for longer region names displayed inside tooltips
  • Change diplomacy tooltips


    • Rebalanced Compensation so that factions which start a war owe more compensation to the defending faction
    • With patch 2.0.1, there is a fix for an issue where units would face the wrong direction. When ordered to attack while Guard Mode is enabled
  • Correct an issue where units take up incorrect formation during siege battles


  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where a non-host player admitting defeat can result in a desync for other players

Patch 2.0.1 MODDING

  • Fixed an issue where mods may be deleted if an update process fails
  • Fixing a crash that may occur when editing a settlement name in the database

For A full list of fixes in patch 2.0.1, please refer to the Total War Blog. While work continues to improve AI and pathfinding. The same for modding functions for future updates.

Total War: ROME REMASTERED is available from Steam, Feral Store, and Humble Store for $29.99 USD / £24.99 / €29,99. With support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.

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