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Patchman vs. Red Circles release October 19th

patchman vs. red circles release Ooctober 19th in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since the games been in the making for over three years. Hence the unknown indie dev toiling away in obscurity for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. BUT the first standalone episode of DON’T BE PATCHMAN is ready and coming soon to Steam.

So the Sheeple are in trouble – they’ve been enslaved by the Drones. And yet it’s all Patchman’s fault.  Now it’s up to you to redeem Patchman, rescue the Sheeple. While working to uncover the awful secret behind the Drone army. Stay out of sight, wear clever disguises, search the forest for seeds. Grow fruit and plants, tear down propaganda, awaken the Sheeple to break the control scheme. So you can power down those nasty robots. All that and more awaits in Patchman vs. Red Circles, a sneak-and-grow action/adventure game.

Don’t Be Patchman vs. Red Circles

Patchman vs. Red Circles follows Patchman as he quests to rescue the Sheeple. All while pitted against an ominous force that looks like Red Circles.  What are they and why are they after Patchman?  Who even IS Patchman?  And why shouldn’t you be him?  Therefore you must unravel the mystery by collecting comic books to restore Patchman’s memory. While learning the truth about the devious origins of the Drone army. As well as Patchman himself…

Since I have not personally played Patchman vs. Red Circles. There is not much I can really say, the games ridiculous in nature, yet I’m still intrigued. Why? Because I can be a hero with a garden weasel and yet still a renegade.

So get out your shovel and hoe. It’s time to become the games renegade gardener. Growing and farming your way to redemption in Patchman vs. Red Circles releasing on October 19th 2017. Coming to Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Windows via Steam, even Android and iOS.