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Path of Kami Demo updated with native support

path of kami game demo is updated with linux support beside windows pc

Path of Kami game Demo is updated with Linux support beside Windows PC. Thanks to details issued via developer Captilight. The new updated Demo is available via Steam.

Captilight released the Path of Kami demo with a new update for the relaxing puzzle exploration game. You can also try the native Demo on and Game Jolt. But the Steam build seems to be the latest, at the time of writing.

The new Demo update for Path of Kami includes the following:

  • Added Photo Mode
  • Localization
  • Performance Enchantments
  • Bug fixes + more!

Path of Kami Prologue Teaser Trailer

Path of Kami is a relaxing puzzle exploration game. Where you follow the spirit of recently deceased Japanese wolf Kazeyo. Doing so as he works through the trials of the Mortal and Spirit World via puzzles. He is also joined by a Wisp companion who is there to guide him on his journey. Path of Kami contains elements of both traditional Japanese folktales. Due to both Momotaro and Issun-Boushi. Including a more personal journey for the main character.

The Path of Kami demo takes place in the Mortal realm. This also contains five areas where the player must solve puzzles. Doing so to work through the map and collect spirit keys. Players explore stunning snowy, water color type settings. All while finding collectibles and lighting lanterns. You will also enjoy amazing music and sound effects. Since they are both awe inspiring and relaxing.


  • Explore beautiful landscapes set in ancient Japan
  • Find and collect a variety of collectibles
  • Solve puzzles by lighting lanterns
  • Enjoy a heartwarming story about a wolf and his Wisp companion
  • A handcrafted 3D painterly world
  • A beautiful relaxing soundtrack

Path of Kami Demo shows off the relaxing puzzle exploration game. Which available Free on available via Steam for both Linux and Windows PC. The game’s release is due in Q1 2022.

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