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Pathfinder: Kingmaker passes Linux stretch goal

pathfinder: kingmaker isometric passes linux stretch goal in mac windows games

Owlcat #Games have finally hit a major milestone, Linux and Mac support on top of #Windows. Since the #PathfinderKingmaker Kickstarter campaign has officially passed the $700,000 stretch goal. cRPG and Pathfinder fans have brought together over $500,000 at the end of June. Since this means a single-player RPG, based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

pathfinder: kingmaker linux and mac support plus new chapter

So through this success the veteran team at Owlcat Games. Strengthened by Chris Avellone for the narrative game design. Which will take players on an unforgettable tour through the infamous Stolen Lands. Therefore not only are familiar characters and well-known locations returning. But the kingdom founding will now go beyond simple stronghold-building. Since the campaign makes it possible for each kingdom to be a true reflection of players choosing and paths. Which includes options for tyrannical rule, subtle diplomacy or trickery and deceit. So adventurers can carve their own realm from the wilderness.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Launch Trailer:

“Thanks to your incredible support, we have just reached the stretch goal that will expand original Pathfinder Kingmaker AP story! O_o there was a dеmonic laughter just heard in the owlcats cave – narrative designers were celebrating the ability to weave new secrets into the game plot…

The result of the campaign so far exceeds our initial dreams, you can’t imagine how excited we are that your help allows us to make our game so much bigger and better.With the extra story chapter funded. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you. “

Some past stretch goals  add archetypes (for all the classes). Additional race choices, storyline expansions beyond the initial Adventure Path and more companions. This includes a companion that’s dear to hearts of Pathfinder fans. Owlcat Games also have more locations to visit, including an epic dungeon. Along with a an extremely loyal Goblin campaign. With the Goblin’s own unique view on running the kingdom.

For more details about the campaign of Pathfinder: Kingmaker, please visit the crowdfunding page. Since we now officially have Linux, as well as Mac and Windows support. Available in the summer of 2018.

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