Pathologic 2 narrative thriller launch date

pathologic 2 narrative thriller launch date in linux windows pc games

Pathologic 2 narrative thriller games launch date pre-orders for Windows PC, with hopes for Linux. Since Ice-Pick Lodge are eager to announce the release date for Steam. Pre-orders are live with a tasty new trailer.

Pathologic 2 is a narrative driven dramatic thriller. The games coming to Steam on May 23rd. Where player fight a deadly outbreak in a secluded rural town. And since the town is dying. You also face the realities of a collapsing society. While you make difficult choices in seemingly lose lose situations. The plague isn’t just a disease. You can’t save everyone.

Since you have little more than one week. Before Pathologic 2 plagues Steam on its launch date. I’m hoping that even though we will not have a day one release. The game should be playable via Proton. Plus Ice-Pick Lodge will live up to their Kickstarter expectations.
Despite the lack of developer reply in the Discussion post. It would appear that sales and supporting one platform play a factor. Even though this is not an early access release.

However, the games latest trailer looks interesting. Definitely a dystopian vibe.

Pathologic 2 – Theater of Gorkhon Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux)


  • 12 days in an odd town ravaged by a deadly disease.
  • Time is of the essence: if you don’t manage it carefully, it’ll simply run out. You’ll have to choose how to spend the priceless minutes you have.
  • Survival thriller that is Pathologic 2. You’ll have to manage your bodily functions, offsetting hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and so on. It doesn’t boil down to scavenging resources. Surviving on your own is hard; you’ll have to win over allies.
  • An uphill battle. Managing your bodily parameters may seem bearable at first, and as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder. Your own body is only waiting for an opportunity to give up and betray you. Things are changing from bad to worse and the odds are stacked against you.
  • A duel with an enemy you can’t kill. Your main foe is the plague itself, an incorporeal and malevolent entity that you have to defeat… without having the means to. It’s more powerful and more treacherous than you can imagine.
  • Loot, murder, mug, steal, barter, beg… or don’t. You need resources to survive in Pathologic 2. So it’s up to you how to obtain them.
  • The fights are short, ungraceful, and vicious. They’re not always lethal though. Many people—yourself included—would prefer to exchange their wallet for their life.

So make sure your affairs are in order for Pathologic 2. Stop by to reserve your seats at the performance. You can do it today at a discount:

  • 10% Pre-Order Discount
  • 10% Discount for the owners of Pathologic Classic HD
    and tinyBuild fans

Not that it matters though, as the town is doomed. Since everyone will die in the end. But this is exactly what you aspired, isn’t it?

So for Linux support, feel free to Wishlist on Steam. The games launch on Windows PC. Here’s hoping Linux will follow not long after.

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