Pathologic 2 open world survival horror support

pathologic 2 open world survival horror support in linux windows pc games

Pathologic 2 is an open world survival horror support in Windows and Linux games. All thanks to developer Ice-Pick Lodge. The games coming to Steam on May 23rd. With support in the wings.

Pathologic 2 takes place in a town consumed by a deadly plague. So you face the realities of a collapsing society. While making difficult choices in seemingly lose-lose situations. The plague isn’t just a disease. So you can’t save everyone.

Linux Support:

“We don’t have Linux version in the works at this time. The game engine is Unity!”

Since the Pathologic 2 Unity 3D confirmation is appreciated. It seems even with a solid game engine. One that also makes it easy to port to Linux. We still have to show platform support on Steam. And such is the case here. Since Ice-Pick Lodge is not saying No to support. Since this likely depends on the success of the games release in May.
Therefore, show your Tux Love and support via Steam. I’ve created a Discussion post. Here’s hoping we see a port post launch. But there is also hope of Proton support as well. So this will hopefully be a win win for all.

Pathologic 2 – Release Date Trailer (Windows, no Linux yet)

Pathologic 2 means you have to get to know it. So you have to win the affection of locals. Also gaining allies, or try to carve your own path alone. Explore the Town, its inhabitants, and their traditions. While fighting both the plague itself. And also its victims. So you can try to make a difference before the time runs out. You only have 12 days.


  • 12 days in an odd town ravaged by a deadly disease.
  • Time is of the essence: if you don’t manage it carefully. It’ll simply run out. You’ll have to choose how to spend the priceless minutes you have.
  • Survival thriller that is Pathologic 2. You’ll have to manage your bodily functions. Offset hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and so on. But it doesn’t boil down to scavenging resources. Surviving on your own is hard. So you’ll have to win over allies.
  • An uphill battle. Managing your bodily parameters may seem bearable at first. But as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder. Your own body is only waiting for an opportunity to give up and betray you. Things are changing from bad to worse. And the odds are stacked against you.
  • A duel with an enemy you can’t kill in Pathologic 2. Your main foe is the plague itself. An incorporeal and malevolent entity that you have to defeat. Without having the means to. It’s more powerful and more treacherous than you can imagine.
  • Loot, murder, mug, steal, barter, beg… or don’t. You need resources to survive. But it’s up to you how to obtain them.
  • The fights are short, ungraceful, and vicious. They don’t have to be lethal though. Many people yourself included would prefer to exchange their wallet for their life.

Pathologic started out as a Russian cult classic game called Mor.Utopia, then re-released as Pathologic Classic HD. The game had a Kickstarter for a title as simple as “Pathologic”. Now in order to avoid confusion, we have labelled the game as “Pathologic 2“.

Pathologic 2 open world survival is coming to Windows. The games releasing on May 23rd. But only on Windows, while Linux is not out of the question. Show your Tux Love and Wishlist on Steam.

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