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Pathologic Classic HD psychological first-person survival coming but not for Linux


This fall, Pathologic Classic HD a landmark in #psychological first-person #survival is poised to make a haunting return. 10 years after terrifying gamers with its cult-classic #debut, Ice-Pick Lodge has teamed up with Gambitious Digital Entertainment and General Arcade to bring a fully remastered version of the classic Pathologic to Steam, GOG and Humble Store for the first time. Make sure you’ve taken the time to meditate on what kind of person you really think you are, then get a taste of this unconventional survival game.

In Pathologic players embark on a dark journey to explore a remote town built upon old tanneries and butcheries just as a mysterious and deadly disease breaks out. Whilst the disease can be identified by physical symptoms, its roots and origins remain mysterious. The disease is highly infectious and deadly. It affects the neural and the blood-circulating systems, crippling both body and mind. To fight this epidemic local authorities send three agents, one of them a learned doctor, to access the situation and determine the best course of action. Along with the authorities’ agents two volunteers find their way through the town along with the learned doctor, who goes by the name of The Bachelor. One of them, The Changeling, is a strange girl who believes she can heal with her hands, and the other, The Haruspex, is a talented amateur who’s fond of experimental surgery. Taking on the role of one of these doctors, you’ll explore the town, its weird traditions, and the complex relationships of its inhabitants. You will only have twelve days to defeat the invisible enemy called the Sand Plague. You cannot shoot, barter nor reason with this enemy, and only one thing is for certain; you can’t save everyone.

Pathologic Classic HD is an extensive remaster of the original game, featuring updated graphics and effects, while addressing the most prominent critiques of the original with a completely redone English script, brand new re-recorded voice-overs and reinstated dialogue. Released in anticipation of the Kickstarted Pathologic Remake that Ice-Pick Lodge is currently working on, Pathologic Classic HD allows gamers to experience the old masterpiece in a definitive way.

Now, here is where things get somewhat confusing. Ice-Pick Lodge are working on the Pathologic Remake for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, not the original Pathologic which was developed using “an old homebrew engine.”

Here is the synopsis from Ice-Pick Lodge, “Pathologic Classic HD is only coming out on Windows—such is the main drawback of an old homebrew engine with extremely limited compatibility. What will be coming out on Linux/Mac, however, is a Unity remake of the game that we’re currently working on. We know it is a bit confusing, so please bear with us; Pathologic Classic HD is an overhaul of the old game, while Pathologic Remake is a new one that will rework every aspect of the original.”
So that Pathologic Kickstarter that took place back in 2014 is actually for the Pathologic Remake.

For more information about Pathologic Remake please visit the Ice-Pick Lodge website or Facebook and follow on Twitter @IcePickLodge.


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