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Pathway new strategy adventure gameplay

pathway new strategy adventure gameplay in linux mac windows games

Pathway strategy adventure has new game gameplay for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Robotality along with Chucklefish are eager to share. Apparently doing so before GDC. Sneaking in a first look at some fresh gameplay.

So in case you don’t know Pathway. This is the upcoming strategy adventure game. Currently in development by Germany based developer, Robotality.
Plus Pathway is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. And it’s also available for Wishlisting on Steam.

Here you’ll see an insight into the game’s second campaign. Hence the adventure, The Wrath of God. Since there are 5x campaign adventures in total to discover and complete. While each has it’s own varying difficulty. Your quest is to track down the Nazis. Also foil their plans. So they cannot get hold of the mysterious object the Wrath of God.

The Pathway gameplay shows off team party building. A small selection of the 400 hand crafted story events. Including with choice based unique encounters. Also the procedural overworld map. And inventory management. Plus mysterious (and rather horrifying) bunker discoveries. As well as turn based strategic action against the Nazis. The undead and even some celestial forces at work.

Please note as the game is still in development. So this footage isn’t full model of the final game.

Pathway – Gameplay Preview (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Pathway is a strategy adventure game. Featuring turn based combat. Unique story encounters. Wile you explore temples, tombs and the desert wilderness. All in in a grand pulp adventure.


  • THRILLING VISUALS – Classic 16-bit pixel art enhanced with bizarre depth. As well as lighting and shadows. All using Pixel Voxel Hybrid Technology.
  • DYNAMIC ADVENTURES – Discover 5 different campaigns in Pathway. With each and every attempt creating a new web of encounters. So no two adventures are the same. Each campaign generates a new procedural map. Plus a different set of unique story encounters.
  • TOUGH CHOICES – Every explored location presents you. With one of over 400 hand crafted story events. Search the well? Save the villagers? It’s up to you!
  • DECISIVE CONFLICTS – Use cover and arrange exciting turn based squad combat. While you learn to boost your items and abilities. As well as your team members’ strengths. Doing so in brutal and clever ways.
  • HIDDEN TREASURES – Discover rare items to unlock new content and adventures. Recruit from 16 unique allies. Each with their own starting equipment and skill trees.

Pathway is coming this year. Since the games being shown off at GDC. Chances are the Linux, Mac and Windows release is not far off. But as stated, the games still under development. So no release date or price is available yet.
So until that time, make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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