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Pavor 3D horror adventure seeks funding support

pavor 3d horror adventure seeks funding support for linux gaming along with windows pc

Pavor 3D horror adventure seeks funding support for Linux gaming along with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Helios Games. Who recently released a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Looking to raise a reasonable €22,000 ($25,685 USD) by October 24th.

Starting as a small team in Belgium. Then blossoming into a 20+ group of passionate developers, writers, and artists. Helios Games is working to create a unique new survival horror experience, Pavor.

This is a new horror game that takes players on a terrifying time-hopping island tour. Typically similar games mean we have to count on using Proton. At least until a native build is available in Linux gaming. Here’s what’s going on.

Pavor is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Whether the game will port to Linux will depend on whether the crowdfunding campaign will be successful.

Therefore, that being the case, we have to hope for funding support for a port. Which is interesting but not publicly outlined on the campaign page. That being said, it’s still a pleasure to see Linux is in the plan, somewhere. Have a look at the campaign trailer below. So you can get a preview of a cave in chapter 1.

Pavor Kickstarter Trailer

Now, here is what catches the interest with Pavor. First the game takes inspiration by the real life Isle De Las Munecas. Which is just off the coast of Mexico City. While players take on the role of five different characters. They do so across five different time periods. All to piece together one large, paranormal mystery regarding origins of the doll covered island. Even more, the spirits that haunt it.
Along the way, players will certainly have to face off against a wide variety of creative monstrosities. Each with their own unique behavior. Not to mention making story choices that not just alter the plot, but directly impact the gameplay itself. Not to mention future challenges that players have to face.

There was one point in the Pavor trailer where Marco is running ahead of the main character. Gotta love cut scenes.
But the games settings and art style are well done. The creature details also have some fine detail. Which is what Unreal Engine 4 games are typically known for. So this is definitely a game to keep an eye on. Should you be fond of following the campaign.

You can learn more by visiting the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Even checking out the group’s Discord for direct updates from the developers. They often upload in-game screenshots and occasionally bits of lore. Pavor is due to make a Windows PC release. And if funded, Linux gaming as well. Fingers crossed it all comes together to be honest.

The 3D horror adventure campaign seeks €22 000 ($25,685 USD) by October 24th. The funding support rewards offer a range from getting the game when it comes out. All the way to creating a custom doll for the game and much more! So check it out.

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